Cookoo for Coconut oil

coconutsImagine the shock when I learned that for the greater part of my cooking life I was unintentionally filling my meals with carcinogens (cancer causing agents) by cooking with my beloved olive oil! Not cool! Like many people, I imagine, olive oil is a staple in the kitchen. Not so fast my friends, beware! Okay so that was super dramatic but real talk, olive oil is amazing for you and has wonderful health benefits…when it is not heated at high temperatures such as sauteing, frying and baking. When olive oil is at such a high heat that it starts to smoke it becomes a carcinogen. Enter Coconut oil :). Coconut oil has had a bad reputation in the past because it is technically a saturated fat and there are some processed versions of this oil that contains partially hydrogenated trans fat. This is why when using coconut oil (in moderation) it needs to be organic extra virgin, cold-pressed. Okay  I realize that sounds like a mouth full but this is your health we are talking about people!

When coconut oil is in its natural and unrefined form it is healing and delicious! It is about 50% lauric acid, the same substance found in breast milk and it boosts immunity.

Not only is coconut beneficial when consuming it, it is also amazing for the skin! Yup, I said it. Take a dip into you coconut oil jar and lather it on your body in place of lotion, your skin will thank you! It also contributes to weight loss, regulates blood sugar,  contains anti-microbial properties and the list goes on and on. In Ayurveda coconut oil is used as a natural teeth whitener in a process called oil pulling…who would have thought? So next time you are at the local Whole Foods check out the coconut oil and enjoy it’s amazingness 🙂

-Love and Coconuts, nikki

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