Goddess of the Greens!

green drinkMy loving boyfriend invested in my health last year when he bought me a juicer for Christmas. I can’t even tell you how happy my little cells are when they are flooded with delicious fruits and vegetables and all of the yummy goodness they come with! I got introduced to juicing awhile ago but never really found too much interest in it until I came across Kris Carr and her amazing journey to health while having cancer. If you haven’t heard of her, check her and all of her Crazy Sexiness out at http://www.kriscarr.com.

Benefits of juicing: Slows and reverses the aging process (who doesn’t want that?!), Reduces inflammation (inflammation=disease), cleanses the body (I like clean!), regulates the bowels (ewwww), and can even help peel off extra pounds (Hooray!). Drinking green juice balances your pH and gives you a direct shot of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, protein, and oxygen.

Tip: Organic is always best but if this is not an option then make sure and peel all fruits and vegetables that can be peeled, like cucumber. Oh and of course wash your produce!

nikkiGLO Green Drink

1 cucumber

a fist full of spinach (any leafy green will do)

1 small to medium sized apple (doesn’t matter what kind but I like the juice of red apples better)

Juice of half of a lemon and half of a lime

about 1/2-1 inch of fresh ginger (I use at least an inch because I like it spicy!)

Fist full of parsley

2 stalks of celery (optional, I’m not much of a celery lover)

Put it all in the juicer and watch the glorious waterfall of green goodness appear right in front of you:) This recipe makes about 32 oz.

Tip: I juice the ginger last because it can be a little messy and pour a little water or coconut water in after I’m done juicing just to make sure I get all of the good stuff out. If you don’t have a juicer no worries, you can blend all of this in a blender and drink a glorious smoothie or strain it using a cheese cloth or nut milk bag.

Don’t be afraid of the green machine! Green is the new black! Now stop reading and go
start juicing! -Peace & Green drinks, nikki

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