Oil it up!

DoTerra11Essential Oils!!!! Who hasn’t associated some smell with a memory, good or bad? My Aunt  Anna’s house used to smell like butter and Greek food and now whenever I smell these things I am automatically transported to her house. This thought-smell phenomenon is due to our brain, more specifically the hypothalamus and limbic system, and it is this reason that essential oils are so powerful.

Essential oils (EO’s) have been used throughout history for their medicinal and therapeutic effects and many cultures have used them for religious ceremonies. Think back to your Sunday school days and remember the Frankincense and Myrrh that were diffused in the air? Baby Jesus was gifted with these powerful oils! Buddhist? How about Sandalwood?! There is a reason why essential oils are so sacred! EO’s have a unique chemical structure that allows them to pass directly through the skin for immediate system response. EO’s are often used for their antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, hormone-balancing, and pain-relieving qualities and just make ya feel darn good:).

Some EO’s can even be taken internally as a dietary aid to promote vitality and well-being (Before ingesting make sure there is a nutrition label on the bottle). Add a drop of peppermint oil to hot water to have some peppermint tea or get fancy with a lavender cheesecake!

Quality is key with EO’s. Most “health food stores” sell oils that claim to be organic and 100% pure. Don’t be fooled my friend! Do your homework, actually I’ll do it for you:), and make sure that the oils that you chose actually are what they claim..100% P-U-R-E.  Most manufactures add synthetic properties to their oils to cut down on costs and extend the shelf life. These oils are bad, bad, bad! Not only are they chemical filled but they contain nasty,yucky chemicals that no one should put on their bodies!

The brand that I trust the most is doTerra. This company has scientific evidence to support their claims and they make great efforts to source products that are grown in ideal environments and are carefully harvested at the right time. doTerra also puts their product through rigorous testing to ensure that what they are bottling is 100% PURE Therapeutic Grade. Good quality oils are a little more pricy than the fake stuff because of the rigorous process of extracting the oil, an entire plant may  be needed for just one drop of oil!!

I use EO’s on a daily basis, several times a day! I use peppermint for headaches, muscle pain, stomach aches, and any pains really. Remember my post on my Facebook page about drinking warm lemon water in the morning? Well I just add a few drops of lemon oil to my water and there ya go-and I don’t even have to squeeze a lemon! I lather myself with lavender before bed and I sleep like a baby! Germ-a-phobe? Use On-Guard! For all you nurses and health care professionals out there, this product kills MRSA, VRE and C. Diff!!! Hallelujah!! There are countless ways to use oils in your every day life, don’t miss out on transforming your life with EO’s and smell good while doing it 🙂

Peace & Essential Oils, nikki

P.S. You can head over to my doTerra website where you can purchase these oils and even sign up for an account to get these oils at whole sale prices! Message me for any questions or help 🙂 http://www.mydoterra.com/nikkelle

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