Herb lovin’

herb gardenHappy Earth Day! It is such a beautiful day here in Southern California and it makes me so excited for warmer weather. Today is a day to celebrate mother earth and all her glory :).  Spring is a great time to start cleansing your body and cupboards and start filling them with clean, organic, healing foods. Honor mother nature this Earth Day by starting your own herb garden, planting a tree (or 2), or taking that extra step to recycle.

One of my favorite projects I started last year was a (mostly) herb garden that I planted on my patio railing. I started with basil, cilantro, sage, lavender, green onions, yellow onions, tomatoes, parsley, Anaheim peppers, jalapeno peppers. The cilantro, basil and parsley flourished! The rest took a little time and TLC but that I suppose is part of the fun of growing your own stuff. Now this Spring I am more knowledgeable about which herbs grow best, how to properly care for their unique needs and decide which new herbs I’d like to plant….do I hear mint anyone?

Having fresh herbs at your disposable means that you can create some amazingly tasty dishes, juice all that your heart desires and never have to make that last second trip to the store again for the recipe that calls for fresh parsley! The health and healing benefits of herbs are endless as well! We can thank parsley for cleansing our liver and basil for its anti-inflammatory properties! The benefits to our health…and even our wallets are endless when you have fresh produce/herbs at your fingertips 🙂

Take a Saturday and start planting! If you don’t have a patio, start a window sill herb garden and sit back and watch them grow!

Peace & herbs, nikki

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