Sugar is the Devil Solution #1: Stevia!


Awhile back I had a post about sugar and the not so good things it does to your body. So here is a follow up on that post! I wanted to get a little more in-depth about some of the sugar alternatives that I use and let you know why I choose them. There are a few that I use and it just depends on the day…and the recipe…which one I use.¬† Today I’m going to talk about stevia :).

Stevia! This wondrous sweetener is an herb from the chrysanthemum family and it grows in Paraguay and Brazil. This zero calorie-make my life better-satisfies my sweet tooth-sugar substitute is about 300 times stronger than sugar so a little goes a long way. You know what that means right??? You’re little skinny butt will save money and loose lbs all at the same time!

Here’s the skinny on stevia: it does not affect your blood sugar what so ever so it is safe for diabetics and it is not stored in your body as fat like sugar is. Another fun fact? Stevia is actually an alkaline product which means that it helps keep your body in a healthy state of pH balance aka it helps prevent illness and disEASE!

Stevia comes in different forms such as powder and liquid and there are even convenient little packets that you can stash in your purse for all of your on-the-go needs;) Put it in your coffee, iced tea, oatmeal (I do every morning), and anything that you want to sweeten. This past Thanksgiving my dad and I made some apple and pumpkin pies with stevia and it didn’t turn out so bad for our first try!

It may take some trial and error…and some taste bud adjustment time…to figure out the right amount for your liking but don’t give up! By choosing a sugar alternative like stevia you are contributing to your health and may even be losing some pounds while you are at it!

Peace & natural sweeteners, nikki

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