Keeping it Salty!

himalayan sea saltI’m baaaaaacccckkkk! My goodness it has been awhile! I took some time after my birthday to re-focus and now I’m back in action with lots of juicy subjects to talk about🙂

So I was eating lunch at work the other day and one of my co-workers asked me why I was putting Himalayan sea salt on my super delicious and oh-so scrumptious avocado-toast-vegenaise creation instead of the table salt that was provided for us in the break room. So this got me thinking that there may be some of you out there that are unaware of the awesomeness that is Himalayan sea salt and thus this beautiful post is born :):).

Plain Jane table salt is not always just salt. In fact, table salt is usually a percentage of sodium chloride and a percentage of additives like iodine and other chemicals that keep it from clumping. I’ve even read that some table salts may even contain sugar. When the process of processing salt into table salt occurs, all nutritional value including natural minerals are removed…one mineral is added back in and that is iodine.  Table salt is a lot like white flour and white sugar. Nearly all of the nutritional value is removed in its journey of being processed and that is why all of these ingredients…salt, sugar, flour….are white…which is not their natural color to begin with.

Next time you go to the store check out the Himalayan sea salt and notice that the color is a gorgeous pink color. This is because Himalayan salt is millions of years old and pure, untouched by many of the toxins and pollutants that pervade other forms of ocean salt. Himalayan sea salt contains the same 84 natural minerals and elements found in the human body including iodine! So why are we settling for processed table salt that contains one beneficial mineral when we could be nourishing our bodies with all of the minerals essential to our health??!!

*The health benefits of using natural Himalayan Crystal Salt may include:

  • Controlling the water levels within the body, regulating them for proper functioning
  • Promoting stable pH balance in the cells, including the brain.
  • Encouraging excellent blood sugar health
  • Aiding in reducing the common signs of aging
  • Promoting the increased absorption capacities of food elements within the intestinal tract
  • Aiding vascular health
  • Supporting healthy respiratory function
  • Lowering incidence of sinus problems, and promoting over-all sinus health
  • Reducing muscle cramps
  • Increasing bone strength
  • Naturally promoting healthy sleep patterns
  • Creating a healthy libido
  • In combination with water, it is necessary for blood pressure regulation

When choosing your salt, beware of terms such as “sea salt”. Although sea salt can be awesome, essentially any kind of salt-even processed salt- can be labelled “sea salt”. In order to determine if the salt is pure, check out the color. Pure salt will be some other color than white. Some are pink, brown, black…you name it!

It is these kinds of small changes in your everyday life that can make a huge difference in your health. Giving your body the best versions of the stuff you already love to eat will only encourage good health and will give your body the reassurance that you are taking care of it so that it can take care of you:)

Peace & pink salt, nikki

*The health benefits of using natural Himalayan Crystal Salt is derived from

2 thoughts on “Keeping it Salty!

  1. Frijoles says:

    I love this salt, It tastes sooo good! and it’s pretty too. creating healthy libido huh!??? goog to know!

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