What’s in my Fridge?

ganze und halbe avocado isoliert auf weissI am a total creature of habit. Once I decide I like something, I stick with it for a while. This also goes for my diet and the things I always have ready and available to eat. I wanted to share some of the staples of my every day food consumption and what I feel are a total must-have-fool proof-way to guarantee some healthy items in your daily diet regimen. Here’s a list of my must-haves that keep this wellness warrior afloat:

1. Avocado! I use these little gems for nearly everything! They are great in salads, I use them as a spread for sandwiches and my favorite avocado-vegenaise-concoction , I add them to my smoothies to make them creamy, I make avocado-chocolate pudding, avocado brownies, you name it! They are a great way to substitute eggs in recipes if you are eating vegan. These puppies are seriously necessary in every household and you can’t deny their ability to deliver the healthy fats that our bodies need to run properly. Check out the nikkiGLO Facebook page for recipes 🙂

2. Steel cut oats! My mornings just aren’t the same without a nice, steamy, hot bowl of oatmeal. My dosha (body composition) in Ayurveda is Kapha-Vata. Because of this, I need some warm/hot food in the morning to get my Agni (metabolism) burning. Oatmeal with cinnamon and Stevia does just the trick! I make a big pot of steel-cut oats every Sunday and have it readily available for me every morning. Steal cut oats take about 30 minutes to cook and that is why I make it in advance.  These little nuggets help keep your cardiovascular system in check.

3. Bananas! Monkeys obviously know what’s best for them by choosing this delicious treat. These potassium packed necessities do a body good! I usually cut them up and freeze them. I put them in my smoothies and most anything I blend. My favorite thing to do with frozen bananas? Make ice cream!!!! Yes, you heard right…I blend a frozen banana with unsweetened cacao and a little non-dairy milk of choice and, my friends, we have ice cream! Top it off with walnuts or berries and you have a delicious and nutritious dessert:) Did I mention guilt free??

4. Think Thin Bars! I got some of the best “diet” advice from Skinny Bitch: Always be prepared! When following a health-filled diet, getting caught without some kind of healthy snack can get you in trouble when you are not in a place where healthy food is available. I always keep some kind of “bar” in my bag or purse wherever I go so that I am not tempted to eat something I will regret later. Think Thin Bars are my favorite because they are protein-packed so I will stay full longer), they are very low in sugar (sugar is the devil remember?), and they are jam-packed with nutrients that nuts and seeds provide. There are so many bars out there, so pick the one that you like the best…just make sure you pay attention to the ingredients list and source of sugar.

5. Non-dairy milk! I am not much of a milk drinker to begin with….unless we’re talking about Oreos and milk of course….I just don’t like the taste of it. I have also read too many bad things about dairy milk (like the mucous it creates in your body leading to acidity which creates an environment for dis-EASE to thrive, not to mention the calcium that is leached from your bones contributing to osteoporosis…). Enter, Almond milk! Hemp milk! Coconut milk! You-name-it-as-long-as-it-doesn’t-come-from-an-animal-milk! I love this stuff! I use this for cooking, baking, to make hot cocoa, add it to my smoothies and ice cream, and anything else you use cow milk for. My favorite is unsweetened vanilla hemp milk, super delish and so full of omega 3’s and calcium. Fun fact: nut milks and others alike typically have more calcium than cow’s milk does so go ahead and drink away my friends:)

6. Quinoa! Pronounced Keen-wah, this tiny seed is packed with a powerful health punch. Bursting at the seams with protein, this little guy also brings to the party blood sugar stabilizing properties, it is alkalizing to the body, it is gluten-free, and the list goes on! I heart Quinoa because it is so versatile. Just like I do with my steel-cut oats, I make a big pot of this and eat it throughout the week. It is a great time saver and a perfect thing to pack for lunches. I usually add “the kitchen sink” (whatever veggies and beans I have in the fridge) and some garlic, salt and pepper and chili flakes to give it a kick.  It is good both hot and cold and you can even make it for breakfast just like you would oatmeal. You can’t go wrong with Quinoa, it’s good no matter how you make it!

These are just a few of the things that I always have around the house. All of these ingredients are so versatile and they allow you to get creative when preparing your meals/snacks. Remember that food is our medicine! So when you are choosing which foods to buy, think about whether or not they hold any nutritional value. Don’t forget that small changes warrant big results. If changes in diet are overwhelming for you and/or your family, then start by adding one new thing at a time. Eating healthy should be fun and adventurous so keep it light and start cooking!

What are your favorite must-haves? I’d love to hear!

Peace & Must-haves, nikki

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