nikkiGLO on the GO!

travelOne of my favorite things in the world is traveling. I LOOOOVE it! Sometimes (ok most of the time) when I am traveling, I usually give myself a pass to eat foods I normally don’t eat and to not exercise. Sounds amazing right?! Not so much. I usually end up feeling heavy and bloated and tired by the end of my trip and then when I get home, I have to work extra hard to lose the few extra lbs I’ve gained (boo). So how does a wellness warrior travel without losing our routine annnnd treat yourself to some yummy goodness while away? Let me show you:).

It’s easy to get dehydrated when we travel, all of the long flights and salty mixed nuts can suck the water right out of ya. I carry my lifefactory glass water bottle with me! This awesome well of water keeps me hydrated and my cells happy without loading my body full of the chemicals that plastic has. The bright colors make me happy and if I’m feeling spicy, I can even color-coordinate with my outfit! The best thing I love about this bottle you ask?….well really there’s 2 things…..the first is that it’s dishwasher safe! All you busy folks out there can appreciate that one! The second is that, because it is glass, I can add my doTERRA essential oils to my water safely! Woohoo for lemon water!!! This gorgeous thing makes it easy for anyone to get their hydration on :).


Always be prepared! When following a health-filled diet, getting caught without some kind of healthy snack while traveling can get you in trouble when you are not in a place where healthy food is available such as airports or hotel rooms. I always keep some kind of “bar” in my bag or purse wherever I go so that I am not tempted to eat something I will regret later. My favorite is Think Thin bars. These little pieces of heaven do the trick as a breakfast on the go or a midafternoon snack. These also substitute for a yummy dessert so I don’t feel deprived when everyone else orders one!


You never know what you are going to run into when traveling and having a mini pharmacy in your bag can come in handy! I pack a few of my favorite doTERRA essential oils with me everywhere while traveling. I usually bring peppermint (for headaches & bloating) Lavender (for good sleep), OnGuard (for germ control) Lemon (to add to my Lifefactory water bottle without squeezing a lemon!) Frankincense (anti-inflammatory used in place of ibuprofen), and Balance (to keep me calm and grounded on those scary flights!). Cedar wood oil kills bed bugs! Not only does it kill the bed bugs in minutes but it also kills their eggs and prevents them from coming back! Take a little glass spray bottle with you & spray your hotel room down!


It’s easy to not get the proper nutrients in while traveling. One way to make sure your body is loaded with goodness is to take supplements. I bring my Life Long Vitality Pack from doTERRA with me. These supplements are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Traveling can introduce a host of free radicals into your body and taking supplements that counteracts those can help! Also, it’s not that easy when traveling to consume all of the fruits and vegetables needed….enter, Juice Plus gummies! Ever had these? Well ya should!  They might as well be candy if you ask me but these gems pack a powerful punch! Each serving contains 25 different fruits and vegetables per recommended serving, sounds good to me!


juice plus

These are just some of my essentials that I use to maintain my health routine while traveling. Of course, I am missing a few things but I wasn’t sure how UGG boots fit in with health…they keep my feet warm…that’s gotta be healthy right?! I’d love to hear what you pack on your wellness warrior adventures, comment below!

Peace & UGG boots, nikki

P.S. Wondering where to get Juice Plus gummies? click here

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