6 Healthy Habits That Get Me Going:)

Rajam-Symbols-10After living with myself for 31 years now, I have become aware of the fact that my body needs a fairly consistent routine to function smoothly. The body gets used to timing such as when we eat, sleep, and go to the bathroom. One little change in the schedule and the body has to figure out what the heck is going on!  For me, there is a routine that I follow (almost) daily that I don’t even realize that I do and I know that these little habits help keep me and my body balanced.

lemon water

The first thing I do in the morning is drink a big ‘ol cup a warm water with lemon (or doTERRA lemon oil).  Not only does this cleanse and detox my liver but it also sends a message to my body that I am ready for the day to begin. Also, I consider it a HUGE “thank you” to my body for cooperating with me through all of our adventures together🙂. Drinking water first thing in the morning flushes our cells with happiness and lubricates our insides so that it can receive and digest food smoothly.


The next thing on the list is brushing and flossing my teeth. I’m sure (at least I hope!) that most all of us brush our teeth, but do you floss as well? The mouth is the gateway to the inside of our body. Whatever bacteria and other nasty things living in there have direct access to our vital organs such as our heart! Flossing helps sweep those evil bugs out from their hiding place so that they can be brushed away. Admittedly, it took me maaaany years before I became consistent at flossing every day-I’m a pro now!


Up next is meditation. I don’t know why, but for some reason I meditate on the bathroom floor. I can think of much more comfortable (and cleaner) places to meditate but the bathroom floor wins ;). For me, morning meditation incorporates essential oils, breathing, and setting my intention for the day. It might even include releasing tension and negative energy through breath and affirmations. I only do this for a few minutes but I know I could benefit from longer. This step really sets the tone for my day and when I skip over this one, I can really feel it.


This next habit is a work in progress for me; Stretching. On the days that I work at the hospital, I know that I’m going to be running my little butt off for most of the 12 hours I’m there. Just thinking about it makes my back and feet hurt! I try to remember to do a few minutes of stretches before I hit the ground running. The days I remember, my life is better! I hurt less and my body is not as fatigued after I’m through with the shift. On my days off, I try to hit up a yoga class. There is something about stretching that makes my world a happier place🙂. Flexibility gives the muscles the ability to adapt to unforeseen situations and helps to decrease injury. It also increases blood flow and helps to maintain a healthy weight. Sounds like enough reason to pull out the yoga mat!


Supplements! Once I have had some food in my stomach, I whip out the supplements. As a female I have to pay close attention to my calcium, folic acid, and vitamin D intake. All of this stuff I can get from the foods I eat, but let’s be honest, I don’t always drink a full glass of almond milk (calcium), eat buckets full of spinach (folic acid & calcium), or even see the light of day sometimes (vitamin D)-hello 12 million hour shifts! I also have a sensitive stomach to most vitamins (they make me throw up, ewww) and so I have had to find some that are easy on my gut. The 2 different kinds that work best for me are doTERRA’s Life Long Vitality Pack (LLV) and Juice Plus. The LLV offers the omegas that you need on a daily basis and are loaded with antioxidants. I place my supplements right by my tea mugs so that when I go for my hot water in the morning, I see them and am reminded to take them.


My BIGGEST priority to my health routine is getting sufficient sleep. For me, this means getting at least 8-9 hours of restful, uninterrupted sleep. I really have made this so important for me and in order to get this amount of sleep I do a few things: I turn down the lights and close my computer at about 8 PM ish (or else I’ll dream about whatever I am writing about and no one wants to dream about school work). I turn off the TV and put down my phone about 30 minutes before bedtime and I might even turn on some relaxing music. I shower and brush/floss my teeth. Once I’m in bed, I put a few drops of doTERRA’s Serenity oil on the bottoms of my feet, my temples, and my heart. While I am doing this, I am releasing all of the tension from the day and taking deep breaths. Next, I’ll either read a virtue card or I’ll visualize how I want my day to go for tomorrow. Then I read from my book until my eyes are heavy and then lights out (usually by 10 or 10:30). Getting sufficient sleep helps to reset your body. It is during sleep that your body can repair, digest, and recover so that when you wake up, you’re all tuned up. If you don’t get the rest you need then your body isn’t going to be able to keep up with all the work it has ahead for the day.

Having some kind of routine for yourself will help direct your wellness and help keep you on track to whatever your “ideal” day might be. Think about what your day looks like and see if you can identify any habits that you have without even being conscious about it. This will give you a clear idea if any new habits need to be adopted or if you’re on the right track to health & wellness!

Peace & Healthy Habits, nikki

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