GLOvember Giveaway!!!

Hello my dedicated GLO peeps! Can you believe it is already November?? Me either. Time is just a’ flyin’ and the holidays will be here before you know it (woop woop!). This is always the time of the year when the pumpkin pies and mashed potatoes and gravy (lots and lots of gravy!) start flowing and it becomes harder and harder to stick to a healthy diet. Sooooo, I thought that I would dedicate this month to maintaining a healthy lifestyle so that when the holidays are over, we aren’t busting our cute little buns to burn off the extra weight we gained through the holidays.

So my friends, I would like to introduce you to GLOvember!!! This whole month I want to see what you guys are doing to keep your healthy GLO! From now until the end of the month take pics of you eating or doing something that makes you GLO from the inside out. An example would be a yummy fresh juice you just made or a picture of you on a hike or at the gym. Share with us your favorite healthy recipe or making a vision board. The options are endless, just get creative! Share your pics on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag: #nikkiGLO and #GLOvember and share on your Facebook by tagging nikkiGLO on your post. So it might look something like this:


 At the end of the month, I will sift through all of the awesome pics and chose a winner for a totally awesome prize…..I’m giving away one of my favorite health and wellness books, Crazy Sexy Diet by Kris Carr! This book will rock your world (take a peek at a little snippet about it on my “Products I Love” page). I might even throw in a little something extra ;). So pull out those cameras and start snapping some GLO shots!

Peace & GLOvember, nikki

P.S. nikkiGLO is now on Twitter! User name is @nikki_GLO, follow along!

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