GLO Glam-tastic!

In honor of GLOvember, I wanted to share with you the things in my life that make me GLO. For the rest of the month I will be sharing my favorite places, spaces, and products that promote a life of great health and positive well-being!

Welcome to my “medicine” cabinet! My cabinets are filled with things that are used for prevention and balance and, quite frankly, to keep the medicine out! I suppose this cabinet would be better named my “wellness” cabinet🙂.

I obviously scrubbed and reorganized the items in my wellness cabinet to make for a pretty picture but this is actually pretty close to what it always looks like. So here is it goes….

GLO Glam items:

glo glamDSC_0429

·         Epsom salt-I use this in my bath water or to soak my feet. The magnesium in the Epsom salt soothes muscles and promotes relaxation and healing. I got this tip from my late Grandma Phil-she was an all-star-top-of-the-line-worked-her-arss-off type of nurse! You can also use this as a –ahem- laxative but I have yet to need Epsom salt for that LOL.

·         J.R. Watkins body lotion-Admittedly I am an Oil of Olay kind of gal. It has taken me a few years to transition to different products because Olay adds some ingredients to their products that are frowned upon (hello parabens). Whilst I am devastated by this, I have really tried to move in a less toxic direction and I have stumbled upon this life saver! I love all of the scents and right now I am stuck on aloe vera.

·         Clear Skin topical blend-This is an oil blend of Black Cumin Seed Oil, Rosewood, Melaleuca, Eucalyptus, Geranium, and Lemongrass essential oils. I apply this to any trouble spots that I may have. It’s like an on-the-spot, all-natural blemish buster🙂.

·         Immortelle anti-aging blend is one for the GODS! This blend is jam packed full of ancient oils that boast anti-aging properties such as frankincense and Helichrysm. I rub this on my crow’s feet (side of my eyes) and any dark spots or uneven skin tone areas. This oil is so special that even Cleopatra would be impressed ;).

·         A girls gotta know if she’s runnin’ a fever or not! I love this little digital thermometer. Thank goodness for technological advances so that you don’t have to stick these little buggers you know where anymore!

·         I’m a weirdo about needing lotion on my hands. I cannot stand to have dry skin and so I have tons of lotion everywhere. This one is from doTERRA and it is Ginger-Lime scented.

·         So…….I stole my boyfriend’s deodorant…..hope he’s okay with that….:). I have always used Secret antiperspirant and I love it and it works…woe is me, the darn thing is poisonous! Antiperspirant is chalked full of aluminum. In some studies, aluminum has been thought to contribute to Alzheimer’s disease and has been shown to negatively affect the nervous system in animal studies. I have experimented around with natural deodorants but I have yet to find one that works well. I’ll stick with my BF’s for now🙂.

·         I wash away the day with doTERRA’s foaming face wash. These heavenly bubbles help prevent and clear blemishes as well as evening out skin tone. If you look good, you feel good!

·         Apples aren’t just for pickin’, they make for a soothing bath as well! I add Apple cider vinegar to my bath for its detoxifying properties. Apple cider vinegar is said to draw toxins from the body and soothes aching and sore feet. Add a cap full of this with a cup of Epsom salt and you’re on your way to a home-made oasis🙂.

·         Even though toothpaste is a necessity, the chemicals in most toothpastes are not. I use a natural toothpaste (OnGuard) that, not only does the trick but, tastes like Christmas in my mouth!

·         What medicine cabinet wouldn’t be complete without the smell of grandma AKA Bengay or IcyHot?? While those medicines help with aching muscles from a long hard day, they cannot claim that they are made with 100% pure therapeutic grade© essential oils-who knows what the heck is in them then!?  Because of this, I use Deep Blue rub to ease my tension.

·         Old fashioned products are slowly creeping back into the medicine cabinet, Castor oil is making a comeback! Traditionally used in this country as a natural laxative, castor oil is finding new talents. This oil is great for skin health, it is antibacterial, and relieves stagnation. In Ayurveda, castor oil is used topically on the abdomen to get the fluids flowing (lymph) and decrease stagnation in your body. Stagnation causes blockages in the body that may lead to water retention and weight gain. I rub it on my belly from time to time to get things flowing again.

·         By now you probably figured that I wouldn’t be without essential oils…I put a few in the picture but really I have about 9million LOL. Read about them, learn about them, and you will love them too🙂.

·         I have naturally curly hair so my hair needs taming most of the time. In order to tame this mane, I use Root to Tip hair serum. Infused with essential oils, this glossy sheen does just the trick to control this wild beast🙂.

·         Everybody needs some chapstick love! I use several different types but one brand that I trust to not poison me is Burt’s Bees. Gotta keep those lips soft for all the smooching going on!

·         I can’t ever have enough lotion, essential oils, and anything moisturizing…I always have some kind of oil infused with essentials on hand (no pun intended;)). I either use fractionated coconut oil or this luscious lavender infused olive oil (pictured). I gotta keep these working hands smooth!

The products you put on or in your body are just as important as the foods we eat. Your skin is the largest organ and anything you put on it eventually gets into your blood stream. Changing up my products that are not so pleasant for my body has been a loooong process, I didn’t just get rid of all my beloved products over night. As with my diet, I will probably be changing the products I use as new research is published and new chemicals are being put in our stuff. Make small changes, your body will thank you!

Peace & Wellness Cabinets, nikki

P.S. Don’t forget to hash-tag (#nikkiGLO) all of your lovely pics on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter of things that make you GLO from the inside out. I am loving seeing all of the wonderful pics so far! Winner will be announced at the end of the month!

2 thoughts on “GLO Glam-tastic!

  1. Jeannie says:

    Love your blog:)) lots of great ideas that I will try! Your right, making small changes, adding something more healthy is easier than changing all at once. I just bought a new deodorant that has no aluminum, parables or phthalates. The product name is Jason, unscented. It’s for men but I like it! I bought it at Sprouts:))

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