Soak Those Puppies! Lavender Foot Soak

We have a love affair with lavender in our house. It is one of the oils that I have to buy every month (at least 2) and if I’m being real, it’s my under cover hippie (the hubs) who can take down a bottle like no other (it’s impressive, really). Before I discovered the magic of Doterra Oils, I was whatever about lavender. The stuff at the store was OK. When a friend asked me to smell the doterra bottle, I was sold. Since that day, lavender has become a part of my family 👪+🐗🐴+🌱=😍. One of my fave ways to use it is in a foot soak (hello 12 hour shifts). Here is a recipe to let those tired tootsie know how much they are appreciated 😙. #thedailydoterra #nikkiglo#23weeks #babyboyKnight #lavender#doterra #thisshizreallyworks

Relaxing lavender oat foot soak recipe By Wellness Stock Shop

1/2 cup of Epsom salt
1 handful of oats
2 TBS Virgin coconut oil
4 drops doterra lavender oil

1. Melt Epsom salt in a bowl with freshly boiled water until completely dissolved. Pour into foot tub. Add all remaining ingredient and hot water (comfortable to touch). 2. Turn on some relaxing tunes and fill the diffuser with your favorite relaxing oil or light a coconut or beeswax candle.
3. Dip your feet, Melt into your chair, lay your head back, and enjoy the relaxation you so deeply deserve.

What are your favorite ways to use doterra lavender oil??? Comment Below!

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