My Bag of Tricks!

Both of my pregnancies have been similar in that I had an Morning sickness in the first trimester, especially if I didn’t eat (which would explain the 12 pound weight gain in the first 19 weeks,😨) I was also struggling with head pain and body aches from my growing womb. This is where my bag of tricks came in handy I always have a bag of @doterra oils with me, this way I can use a safe alternative (keep those babe safe!) to help ease my symptoms and help me feel better. I always have my staple oils with me: peppermint, onguard, lavender, deep blue, wild orange, and depending on where I’m at in the life, the rotation of other oils changes. The physician I did my oil research with used @doterra oils on his patients for an uneasy stomach associated with anesthesia. This helped limit the amount of other means of treatment, thus reducing negative side effects. Cheers to the Physicians who “get it”!

Morning Sickness Spitzer:

In glass spray bottle combine 5 drops each of ginger, peppermint, cardmom, & spearmint doterra oil. Fill rest of bottle with distilled water. Spray on to hands and inhale.
P.S. A cute oil bag always helps! This one is from @shopliv3
P.S.S. It’s always a GOOD idea to have some reference cards handy! I use @eoandsuchcards.

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