My Numero Uno Beauty Product

I have always been a fan of taking care of my skin, especialy  my face. I remember as a child I would NOT go to bed without washing and moisturizing my sweet cheeks. What kid does that?! Not mine, Sir, not mine. Over the years I have talked about my daily regimen and fave products that keep my skin a-GLO but I have never really shared the one product that was a total game changer for me…and it only costs around 5 buckaroos.

So, my friend, without further adieu, we are talking about good ol’ apple cider vinegar (ACV). Still with me? Okay:). When I moved to California, some nice sales lady at Sephora told me that it is a necessity in this great state to use a toner after a face wash because the water is so full of impurities. Perhaps it was her way of upsale-ing the heck out of me but, hey, it totally worked. You better believe that I have been a toning fool ever since.

Fast forward a few years and I am trying to attempt to detoxify the products I was using (eating, washing, ingesting). My toner (and most) were full of the yucks (parabens, phthalates, alcohols, etc.) and I had to kick them out of routine. As luck would have it, I was completely out of my toner and it felt so wrong going straight from wash to moisturize (I was missing a vital step!). Somewhere I had heard about using apple cider vinegar as a toner but (ewww) the smell? On my face?? Weird. Nevertheless, I made an attempt.

I am happy to report that not only did it tone my face but it also cleared my pores! I have never had a product that was more successful at clearing away the build up like this does. There are many, many health benefits of ACV and now you can add face toner to that list :). And for all of you wondering, yes it does leave your face smelling a tad like a salad but I like salad and it’s nothing a little essential oil moisturizer can’t fix ;).

P.S. I use Bragg’s unfiltered organic ACV.

Peace & Natural Beauty,



Photo skills by Corey Villicana Photography

Cameo and makeup by Sarah Colombo



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