You know when something keeps popping up and by the third or fourth time you hear it-see it-experience it you start paying attention (hopefully)? That happened to me recently. I keep hearing how we should stop using the word “just” when we are describing ourselves & our accomplishments.

I’m just a mom. I’m just a nurse.

I do this! I do this so much! I’m not sure why I have this innate need to always be striving for more. I mean, always striving is a healthy space to be in; better than complacent right? But when I do is accomplish something, feel like it was good but not good enough, and then need to try for more. I never take the time to appreciate the completed task or the goal achieved. I just move right along in hopes to find that one thing that will help me feel like I have accomplished something. This probably explains why I have a doctorate degree and am still seeking out other learning opportunities.

I came from a very loving and supportive family who celebrated all of my accomplishments (even the small ones). I have supportive friends who cheer me on through my challenges. There is no need for me to feel like I am JUST anything….and yet I do.



Why do we do this to ourselves? Especially us mom’s. Often we feel like we haven’t accomplished much. We put our lives on hold to raise our tiny humans. We put our spouses needs before our own and we tend to rush to the aide of others because we know how grateful we are when someone rushes to help us.  We leave little time for US to celebrate our own victories all while feeling unaccomplished. -Let’s be real for a minute- it IS a huge accomplishment to get tiny humans dressed in the morning. They wiggle and squirm and run away from you. If you can catch them, they throw a fit because “that’s not the shirt I want to wear!”. Once you actually get the shirt on their wild little heads, the battle starts all over when the toothbrush comes near them. 20 minutes later, you still haven’t brushed your hair (let alone your teeth) and it’s time to go. It is also a huge accomplishment to do seven million loads of laundry in a week. It is a huge accomplishment to spend our energy and momma love on raising kiddos with positive self-esteem, On raising kiddos who are compassionate and empathetic. That’s US, momma’s. That is a HUGE accomplishment.


Can we all just agree that thinking this way serves no one? Let’s recognize that every task, no matter how small, is part of a larger picture. Every load of laundry, every hug, every new adventure is just a piece of a beautiful puzzle that we are creating. EVERY PIECE IS NECESSARY. Be proud of your accomplishments, however small, and celebrate them. Heck, I was pretty damn proud of myself for folding the laundry 3 days after I pulled it out of the dryer instead of my usual week!  Okay, that was a fib, it was more like 4 or 5 days but who’s counting? What’s that old saying? It’s about the journey, not the destination? Something like that. I am working on implementing this little gem. I am erasing the word ‘just’ out of my vocabulary, and I am allowing myself to feel proud of my accomplishments even if the laundry just sits there ;).

In good health,


Oils to Support Self-Acceptance/Assurance

Bergamot: The Oil of Self-Acceptance

  • Bergamot relieves feelings of despair, self-judgement and low self-esteem. It supports the individual in need of self-acceptance and self-love. Bergamot invites individuals to see life with more optimism. It awakens the soul to hope and offers courage to share inner-self. Bergamot teaches individuals to let go of self-judgment by learning to love themselves unconditionally.

Cassia: The Oil of Self-Assurance

  • Cassia brings gladness and courage to the heart and soul. Cassia dispels fear and replaces it with self-assurance. It aids those who feel foolish by helping them see their own brilliance. It supports the soul in seeing its own value and potential. It invites one to let their light shine and live from their authentic self.

*Both of these oils are great for diffusing. They also happen to be companion oils so they make a nice blend together.

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