Manifest Destiny

About 5 years ago I signed up for a course that Oprah was hosting. In the course, the first exercise was to picture something that I wanted in my life. Could be a situation, a job, an activity, whatever. I was asked to get VERY specific about the details. I sat down on the living room floor (I prefer the floor over the couch most of the time) and closed my eyes. Immediately, a million images flooded my mind. They were frantic and scattered and full of noise-almost like a slot machine as it rushes to find its place and then…finally…it settles into itself.  The image that my brain settled on  was a big, beautiful bed, overflowing with cloud like bedding, ALL WHITE. The light from the window was landing softly across the white covered bed and there, laughing and playing was a little boy and girl. I saw my husband and me joining in on the sweet laughter and I FELT BLISS.

THIS is what my heart desired and THIS was what I yearned for.

Just the other day, I was reminded of the vision I had all this years ago. I shared this vision with my husband for the very first time and he so obviously replied, “You mean, like the 400 pics you post of our kids in the bed on social media?” WHOA. Like a ton of bricks crashing down on my head-MY VISON CAME TRUE. Everything, from the white bedding, to the light dancing on their sweet little faces, to the little boy AND girl. Right down to the blissful moment that I cling on to when I watch them dream.


It feels like I should share a lesson here or encourage you to get really specific about your desires. But today I am just going to leave this right here, as it is. I am so grateful for the Teachers, and guides, and leaders who are helping me to live beyond the boundaries I have placed on myself. To dream of and have faith in the life I choose to live.

In Good Health,


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