10 Essentials for a GLOing Life

When I was thinking of a name for my blog, I wanted it to be something that embodied me to the core. At that time I was on a fierce path to health and natural wellness and I was knee-deep in some really good info that I felt I had to share.

I noticed that I lit up with every new tater tot of info I found and it made me feel really good, really fulfilled, and every waking moment was spent soaking it all up. I now know that this is what being aligned feels like. That when you find something that completely makes you glow from the inside out, you are in vibration with the motherload (aka GOD, the Universe, Mother Nature, the BIG kahuna 😉 ).

So, nikkiGLO was born…


GLO→everything that makes me glow from the inside out. Not sure why I left out the W….


10 essentials for a GLOing life

  1. a curious mind. Constantly seek knowledge! Educate yourself. Dig in to whatever your passion is and get really familiar with the details of it all.
  2. the right mindset. Watch what you say! Get really good at recognizing the self-limiting beliefs you are thinking and start flipping them around. Doing this allows you to raise your vibration so that you are a high vibin’ chick (or dude).
  3. nontoxic living. From the cleaning products you use, all the way to the products you put on your body. If your body is a temple then your house is your kingdom. Only allow healing, nourishing products around you (the best you can). I promise it will make you feel better physically and mentally knowing that you are keeping your family nontoxic too :).
  4. whole, nourishing foods. Lots of them, all day, err day.
  5. break a sweat. Do something active to get your body moving on the daily. get that blood flowing and booty movin’. Sweating alone gives you a glow ;). Also, some cute yoga pants helps!
  6. tribe. surround yourself with like-minded, high vibrational peeps who contribute to your life in a positive way. drop those that don’t keep your vibe high, their baggage isn’t worth the muscle strain.
  7. personal development. start learning what makes you tick. dig deep in to YOU. Do you have some limiting belief that is holding you back? do you understand your ego and how it is helping or hurting you? Grab a book/podcast/audiobook and start getting to the root of what makes you, you.
  8. daily practice. whether it be meditation, morning stretches, daily gratitude list, create a daily practice to get you in the zen mindset. In our house we call it getting our Hinidi on.
  9. gratitude. be thankful for everything, even the hard stuff. When you can’t figure out what is good in the world, thank your lungs for filling up with air and your heart for continuing to beat.
  10. sweatpants. you heard that right. Jeans and I broke up a long time ago. When I’m rockin’ a cute pair of comfy pants, I feel free, relaxed, and ready to take on the world. Check these out for inspiration :).

So there you have it! The list really could have been twice as long when I think of ALL the things that contribute to my GLO. TO keep it simple, we’ll just stick with 10 for now :).

I’d love to hear what lights you up. Comment below your top ways to get your GLO on :).


in good health,


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