GLO Boss Morning

I saw an Ayurvedic Practitioner about 5 or 6 years ago and she told me that I needed to establish a morning routine. Not just any morning routine, she said, but a very specific Ayurvedic routine that was promised to have me feeling like a morning bird in no time. I’ve been around long enough to recognize that if I don’t get my day started in a certain way, everything seems off. I would either be in a fog the whole day or I could’t catch up with the time, or, you get the idea. I knew I needed a better start to my morning (plus I had just paid someone to tell me that I needed a better start to my morning) and yet a morning routine never really found its way consistently into my life…until it did.

I finally started listening to my foggy head and weary body and put that Ayurvedic consult to work. The first thing, she said, was to wake up with or before the sun. When you sleep through and past the sunrise, you enter into a different phase of the day which will leave you foggy and more tired. I knew exactly what she meant because the days I get up early for work at the hospital, I feel more energetic and ready for the day. When I sleep in, I feel tired and lazy most of the day.

She also told me to eat a small breakfast of oatmeal that was cooked in the water of raisins I was soaking. Sounds a bit dramatic for oatmeal and a little high maintenance to be quite honest but apparently this was the only way to go. Top the oatmeal off with the soaked raisins and some cinnamon and I was on my way to an Ayurvedic kind of day :). Real talk though, doing this one thing everyday was a total game changer. It helped me kick my sugar consumption habit and set my metabolism into over drive.

Yoga was on the list of to-do’s as well as meditation and affirmations. I started going to yoga class regularly and I brought my meditation practice back. And for those of you who were in my house around this time, I apologize for the plethora of sticky notes of affirmations that were spilled out over every available wall and mirror.

From drinking lemon water to eating Ayurvedic lemonade (it’s a thing), I was on a roll with these changes… and you know what? I felt good. Like real good. And you know what else? I lost weight and started feeling like a person again.

There were several other practices she asked of me; scraping my tongue, rinsing cool water in my eyes, washing my face, breath work, etc. Over the years I have fine tuned my routine to what feels good to me. I add things here and there (the most recent attempt was oil pulling) but the bones of my routine are always the same…


Tips for a GLO Boss Morning

  1. Morning Stretches. I have created a yoga flow that feels right for my body’s needs. It takes about 10 minutes and it helps prepare my body for whatever shenanigans my kids will get me into (because getting the double stroller out of the car can be a total body workout sometimes!).
  2. Prayers & Gratitude. I give thanks for my beautiful family, for the love and respect we have for one another, for the our good health and our able bodies. I give thanks for all the abundance in our lives and all of the abundance headed our way. I thank God for this new day and this new opportunity to live this life.
  3. Toxin free hygiene and beauty regimen. I cannot leave my room without washing my face and brushing my teeth. I need to enter the world fresh and ready to go. I’ve transitioned all of my hygiene care products to toxin free so that my body can continue to heal and nurture me without having to fight off something that is trying to harm me. Nourish your body and your body with nourish you.
  4. Open the windows and let the light in. I cannot believe I have adopted this habit. My mother used to call me a vampire because I prefer the dark. I would never be caught opening the windows to let the sun in, EVER! But now I can’t start the day off without doing this. I love the fresh air it brings and the peace it brings to let the outside in.
  5. Drink lemon or lime water. This one literally makes me feel alive. I can feel my cells do a happy dance when I drink that delicious glass. I’ve always used lemons but a little while ago, someone told me that limes are actually more nutrient dense for this practice, go figure!
  6. Pick an oil that speaks to you & start your diffuser. The first thing I do when I go downstairs is pick an oil or two to put in the diffuser. Most everyday it is a different combo, whatever oil(s) I am craving that day usually ends up in there. Today it is Citrus Bliss and Spearmint.
  7. Put your phone down, no social media, emails, or news. I’m not that great at this one. I use my phone as an alarm clock and when I pick it up, I inadvertently see any messages, news, or emails just waiting to be seen. Most days it is a mind battle to put the phone down. I have to remind myself that they WILL be there in an hour.
  8. Get your Frenchie on! Sip, eat, enjoy this magical time. I wish I could remember the woman’s name that I learned this from (if you know who she is, please let me know!). She was speaking on morning routines and said that the mistake most people make is that they don’t take the time to enjoy their mornings, ya know, like the French do. Sipping on french coffee and eating their baguettes and what not. Take some time to be in the moment, appreciate the time you have to cook for your family, sip on your tea, or watch the trees dance in the wind out the window. Even if it is 2 minutes, relish in the magic of the morning.
  9. Eat a nutrient rich breakfast. Put away the eggo’s, we need real food here. Oatmeal, eggs, salad, whatever fills your bowl and your belly :). Unless it is Friday, of course, then we eat waffles :).
  10. List out goals, intentions, & to-do’s. My mind is full of things that need to get done that day. If I don’t take the time to list everything out and make a plan, I get overwhelmed and nothing gets done. If my list is 10 items long, I do my best to get those 10 things done and if I don’t, I’ll add them to the list for the next day.

And most important of all, have a grateful heart in all you encounter. We are beyond blessed to have a new day, every day.

I make these 10 things pretty much non-negotiable. They are routine at this point and I don’t really have to think much about them anymore. I am, however, not a crazy person and some days not all of them get done, I am a mom after all. I do my best and roll with the punches if I am not able to get to some of them. Buuuut, that being said, when you make a morning routine mandatory, you are honoring yourself and giving yourself the best gift ever, self care and respect. Give it a try!

Do you have a morning routine? I’d love to hear it in the comments below!

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