Golden Milk

The temperature dropped to a cool 73 degrees last week and I gave myself permission to wear my UGGS. My Dad would not be proud. In fact, he might make fun of me and call me a poser and tell me that I am a true Californian after all. When you grow up in Idaho, the moment the thermometer hits 55 degrees F, out come the tank tops and flip flops. Needles to say, 70 degrees is not, my any means, UGG weather. But a girl can dream, right?!?


I have been doing #allthethings this fall🍁. We finally made it out to Julian to go apple picking, We spent the day at a pumpkin patch winding through corn mazes and getting our faces painted, I went to Knott’s Scary Farm with the moms from Fit4mom, Headed to Sea World to Trick or treat, We decorated the house with spooky what-not’s, and have been fully engulfed in halloween movies and fall shows (hello Hallmark Channel, I love you at this time of year). I even made a few batches of ghost and goblin rice crispy treats. I am loving it all. Being able to do all of these fun things with kiddos is so joyful. I truly feel like I am a child again.


Hearty soups, curries, and warm beverages are also making a showing in my kitchen. I can feel my body craving some heaviness and warmth. I love me a crockpot meal this time of year as well. Throw a bunch of goodness in a pot and call it dinner, Sounds like my kind of meal. Turmeric is also showing its face around these parts and now that dōTERRA has released Turmeric Essential Oil, it’s game on.

Turmeric has been on the Hot List for a few years now and you can find it added to pretty much everything it seems. But! did you know that turmeric is not bioavailable to us? That basically means that our bodies can’t absorb and use the amazingness that it is. This is why you may occasionally see that black pepper is an added ingredient to your turmeric supplement. Adding black pepper increases bioavailability and so does heating turmeric (such as in sautés or curries) but not by much. Long story short, the turmeric supplement you have been taking is a big fat waste of that glorious golden powder. Boo.

The smartees over at dōTERRA have decided to steam distill the heck out of the turmeric root and give us turmeric that is 7x more bioavailable 👏👏👏(and the crowd goes wiiiillllddd). This means that we now have access to a Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil that increases antioxidant levels in our body, supports healthy nervous and cellular function, supports healthy glucose and metabolism function, promotes a healthy immune response, and promotes feelings of positivity. This glorious spice can also help to promote clear, smooth, and radiant-looking skin. Can I get an Amen?

dōTERRA Turmeric essential oil can be used topically, aromatically and internally. every morning since I received my turmeric oil, I have taken two drops in a capsule. I normally just drop my oils right under my tongue but I must admit that the smell is…well…pungent. I’ll just leave it right there. But like all oils that are incredibly healing (arborvitae, vetiver, frankinsence), I have grown to actually really enjoy the smell.

I decided to get creative (and cozy) the other night and I made Golden Milk. Ever had it? It’s delish. So delish, in fact, that I had to share. This warm drink is perfect for an early morning beverage or, (my fave) an after dinner/before bed drink. It is warm, creamy, and earthy. It is slightly sweet and totally yum.

Golden Milk

  • warm milk on the stove in a sauce pan
  • add maple syrup to taste
  • remove from heat when fully warmed
  • add 1 drop of turmeric oil  (this stuff is potent!) & stir
  • poor into a mug
  • Sprinkle cinnamon on top if you’re in to that kind of thing ☕

*I would wait a few minutes before drinking this. Give the oils some time to diffuse throughout. It may be too strong if you try and drink right away! If you don’t have turmeric oil, substitute with the spice!

Enjoy the heck out of it! Get your turmeric oil here.

Share your pics of your golden milk in the comments below👇

In good health,



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