Bloom- A Meditation

I wrote a meditation for the Stroller Barre class that I teach. Every once in a while, after a workout, the mommas escape around the corner and take 10 to meditate…without the kids. It’s priceless, getting those few minutes to escape the noise, the feedings, the cries. 10 minutes, mommas, that’s all it takes to recharge a bit.

In this months blog post, I wanted to share with you the meditation I wrote. Maybe it will speak to you. Maybe you need to hear these words. Maybe you can relate. Enjoy!


I’m loving the rain. I love the cool air, the somber sky.

With each drop, new life is being infused into the thirsty ground, into the trees-flowers-plants.

Rain brings new life. Rain allows the flowers to bloom. Rain brings bright colors to our world. Rain is necessary for all living creatures to thrive and survive.

During this rainy spring season, I often feel refreshed-as if the rain is washing away the old and bringing in the new. As if all that has occurred over the last while is washed away and there is new opportunity to move forward again.

Imagine that the rain is a placeholder for some challenge in your life. With every drop, there is challenge-hardship-maybe even pain. Imagine it falling all around you. Maybe for some it is a sprinkle. And for others it is a downpour. Whatever this past year held for you, imagine that it is rain falling on you. Feel it. Let it cover you. 

Now imagine that all of that rain is feeding something bigger in you. Imagine that all that you have encountered is being nurtured by that rain. Imagine that it is feeding the seeds of life-dreams-a new day beneath the surface of it all. 

Allow that rain to infiltrate your earth. Allow yourself to soak it all in. 

Now imagine that you look down at the earth and there is new life breaking through the soil. Tiny green buds are confidently making their way from the cold ground to show perseverance through the storm. 

Imagine that with every minute that goes by, these buds are growing, maybe leaves are sprouting from the stems. Maybe there are tightly wound buds beginning to form. Imagine that those buds are brilliantly colored flowers, fragrant and charming. Imagine that they now take this opportunity, THIS day to blossom.

You are that wild flower, my friend. You have the opportunity to release the tension on your buds and allow yourself to bloom. Whatever that may mean to you. Maybe you have an idea you want to pursue or a job you want to quit. Whatever that is for you, take this season of growth and change to give yourself permission.

Because No matter how chaotic it is, wild flowers still spring up out of nowhere.

Bloom: what a beautiful process of becoming.

In good health,

Oils to to Support Growth &Transition

Green Mandarin. Rosemary. Magnolia

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