JLO, Dreams & Big Things

I’m not exactly sure when it all happened…but I do know that at some point in the late 90’s, I stumbled upon Jennifer Lopez. Again I don’t remember if it was a song of hers, a movie, or an appearance on TRL (am I showing my age??) but something about her resonated with me. She sort of embodied everything that I thought a human could be capable of. Now, I know some of you are going to think this post is a little crazy but hear me out.

THE GIRL SEEMED FEARLESS. She did not seem to let anything stop her from what she wanted. Admirable. Definitely admirable to a high school senior who was trying to make moves in the next coming years. Definitely admirable to a young impressionable woman who knew she wanted big things for her life but wasn’t sure what yet. Definitely admirable to someone who was passionate about dance, dance, and more dance. I have been a dancer since…well, since I can remember. Something about the music vibrating in my soul has me addicted. I am that girl who always has a song in my head and some sort of gyration ready to escape me at the drop of a dime. Jennifer Lopez was also a dancer. See! Soul sisters :).

But the story doesn’t end there, obvi. She is also a singer, an actress, a designer, a perfumer (yes, that is the correct name, I googled it ;P), a 50 year old with a six pack, a mom (!), and a total badass. This chick does it all. Inspiring! Coming from me, a girl that has her hand in soooo many things I’m not sure which way is up, that shizzz is inspiring.

When I was a freshman in college, an assignment in my English class was to write about someone that inspired you. I wrote, you guessed it, about Jennifer Lopez. It went something like this…

“…triple threat…amazing, great role model…helped me believe in myself….”

So why am I telling you all of this? Well, because I recently went to her It’s My Party Tour in Inglewood, CA and I was once again reminded of why I have a boss lady crush on her. First of all, she killed it. Her and her rock hard abs did wonderful, sweet and glorious damage all over that stage. Her costumes were beautiful, her music was moving (like literally, I didn’t stop moving the entire 2.5 hours), and she danced herself right out of her pants (enter, the famous booty). She’s 50! She’s 50. SHE’S 50. You guys! she’s freaking 50 years old still working on herself, still moving her body, still doing things she’s dreamed up. If that’s not inspiring, I don’t know what is!

She started out the concert with a clip of flashes of her life and a voice over that said humbly, “…I’m just a girl from the Bronx…”. She’s just a girl from the Bronx that decided that “no” wasn’t an answer she would accept. She played another clip of a 20 something JLO being interviewed about why she chose to pursue singing on top of her current acting and dancing success. Wasn’t that enough? Her answer? Something to the tune of, “I don’t want to be 50 or 60 and say I can sing too but I never shared that part of me” And look! Look what that meant for her. Look at all of things she has accomplished because she believed she could. She didn’t let some story she was telling herself stop her. She didn’t let the self doubt take over. She didn’t let discouragement from someone win. She won!

I can’t even begin to imagine how many of you are reading this right now knowing that you have big dreams but aren’t doing everything you can to make them happen. I am one of you. I, myself, have big..scratch that, HUGE dreams and I know that I am not doing everything I can to make them happen. I think about them, I think about them A LOT. But, honey, thinking and doing are not the same thing. So when I found myself standing at the merchandise counter after her concert and I spotted a sweatshirt that read


I felt like Jennifer herself was shouting in my ear to kick that little doubtful voice in my head all the way to Doubtsville City, Iowa. Because the truth is, I AM LIMITLESS. You are limitless! We are all limitless and, yet, we limit ourselves and turn it in to a nice, packaged up story that we are not limitless and throw a pretty pink bow around it. Rude. So I am saying, right here, right now, to knock that shizz off! You are always going to have a doubtful voice in your ear but your I AM LIMITLESS voice needs to be just a little bit louder mmmkay? Please and thank you :).

Some of you reading might be thinking something like I can’t even find time to shower in-between diaper changes and snack time. I feel you, sister. I am right there with you. Sometimes the BIG goal I have for the day is to just make it through. And that’s okay! Sometimes just getting through the day is challenge enough! Own it! All I am saying is that whatever it is, not yelling at your kids or becoming a rockstar, don’t limit yourself. You are not limited by the world, you are only limited by your mind. Choose the thought and mind frame that supports the inner JLO in you. She lives in you, I promise you. Find your version of the I AM LIMITLESS sweatshirt, throw that shizzz on, turn the volume up, and go to work.

As I am writing this, I am remembering something that I have completely forgotten about. Check out the name of my website….I’ll wait, go check!….


Ever wonder why I don’t have a “w” at the end of GLO? JLO. Yup, that’s right. My favorite perfume in college was GLO by Jennifer Lopez. Again, soul sisters :). So now that I am remembering just how much this woman has been a role model for me, I am going to jump back into my I AM LIMITLESS sweatshirt for the 9th day in a row and soak all of that shizzz up. And, I’ll probably have to go start making dinner too since the whole “private chef” dream hasn’t manifested yet ;).

In good health,

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