New Mom Diffuser Blend

My ovaries are tingling. Was that too much info? Well, it’s true. Between my new position at a holistic pediatric clinic (if you don’t know, now ya know) and the stroller barre class I teach, I am surrounded by new babes and growing bellies. I loved being pregnant from 16 weeks to 7 months. Any other time during that 10 months, thanks but no thanks. I also can’t really say that I liked post partum (PP) that much. That’s a total lie. I didn’t like anything about the post pardum period. I had some PPD with ella and by the time I had EZ, I was 3 years sleep deprived. Did I mention the month long night sweat session? Not cool.

But now, now I am 2 years PP and not looking to get pregnant again (cross your fingers the vasectomy worked). So I am just soaking in all of the new momness that I am surrounded by (sigh).

Oils were a God-send for me during the PP period. When ella was 3 months I had a week or two where my milk slowed down, like waaaay down and I was totally freaking out. Another new momma that was in my birth class with me suggested that I try Fennel and Basil oil to boost my supply. You better believe I was rubbing that shizzz all over me. Yes, I smelled like a hippie licorice farmer, but it worked! From then on, I started incorporating those 2 oils into my daily routine. I diffused them, used them topically, and took them internally (doTERRA oils only please, I’d like to keep you & baby safe!). And because I had some PPD with ella, I used my oils to help balance my hormones. For me it was Clary Calm on the lower abdomen twice a day and any time I needed an extra pick me up.

One of the main oils in Clary Calm is Clary Sage. Clary sage is known for it’s calming and relaxing properties and is often used during the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, and menopause for it’s hormone balancing abilities. Both basil and fennel have historically been used to increase lactation. Without further ado, here is a diffuser blend that any new momma would benefit from…

Here is the perfect combo to gift to a new momma I wish I would have had this when I went through my freak out moment at 3 months PP!

In good health,

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