Word Up Homie-Summer 2019 Reading List

Motherhood + Book Reading, not a compatible couple.

I used to read books A LOT. I even have a really hefty kindle library that my mom so graciously shared with me. There was a time, back in the day, when I had shelves and shelves of books. I love them. I love the smell of them, the feel of them, and the adventures they would take me on.

But then…then the kids came, and the kids snuggled right into my bed at night, sweetly disrupting my reading time. And let’s not forget the decluttering frenzy that I found myself in during the not-so-fun post partum period. The books, THEY HAD TO GO.

I’ve since added Audible to my book reading agenda and am actually really grateful for that glorious app. I can get in my stories, and high vibing books all while driving, washing dishes, and taking a shower.


I promised myself this Summer that I would finish a book, a fun book, a real book and that I would make reading once again a part of my routine. I am doing an okay job but I think I may be the world’s slowest reader (sighhh). Oh well, at least I am giving it a go, right?

This whole thing sparked a book club at my clinic. We are each going to buy a book from Reese Witherspoon’s Book Club and swap when we are finished. I haven’t quite spilled the beans that I may not be done with my book for another 325 days but I suppose they will figure it out soon enough ;P.

Digging deep into my reading days, I wanted to share some really good ones that I could read over and over again. And for some reason they all feel like Summer to me. Here we go…

The Secret Life of Bees

I found this gem at a garage sale. There was something about the worn cover and the word bees that had me paying a whole 25 cents for it. And worth it, it was. This book dives deep into the humid Summer of the South when a young girl discovers who she is and where comes from. Add some homemade lemonade and a circle of women that understand sisterhood and you’ve got yourself a classic summer read.

The Bridges of Madison County

I read this book after I had Ella. I would grab this book, a glass of water, and plop myself on the bed during feedings. This ended up being our story time as I read the words aloud to her. This book depicts a deeper love than most achieve in their life. It is written beautifully and is a classic story of how you can’t go wrong if you lead with your heart.

The Book of Ruth

This haunting yet beautiful book depicts a woman’s journey from youth to adulthood in a broken home. Ruth was challenged in many ways and yet created a life for herself through the dark mess of it all. I found myself so enveloped in this book that I was sad it was over.

Glass Castle

Accepting the family you were born into is not always easy for some. This is a story of a not so traditional family, the hardships that life brings, unshakeable optimism, and accepting people as they are without judgment. This is an unbelievable true story that left me beyond grateful for the stability that my parents provided for us.

I really wanted to add a fifth book but I found myself having to think too much about it. With these four books above, I did not have to even think about it, I just knew they were making the list. So 4 books it is.

If you’re in to it, grab yourself a popsicle, hang out under the trees and let one of these books help you escape into a summer adventure :).

What is your favorite summer book?

In good health,

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