Adulting Should Not Equal Boring

I started to get annoyed at the sound of my own whine. For years now I have been complaining and complaining about how terrible the music is these days. I mean, most of it is just plain terrible and it makes me miss the good old days when I would go to the music store and buy CDs the day the album dropped. And, yes, I am also realizing that I now sound like my father whom I remember saying the same exact thing about my music. Cue the forehead smack emoji…🤦‍♀️

Here’s the thing, I remember jamming out to my faves in my room, music blasting, good vibes flowing. It was bliss. I knew every word to every song on the CD. Remember when you could remove the insert in the CD case and read the lyrics?! How cool was that? Now I just mumble a long to a line I don’t quite understand. I’m trying to paint a picture of what good, really good music felt like. It felt free and fun and something to shout from the top of your lungs as you fly down the freeway. Don’t do that btw…fly down the freeway…be safe whilst singing loud (you’re welcome mom 🙂 ).

So as I was desperately trying to search for some new, good music the other day, I had a come to Jesus moment. I realized that I already had music that I loved. In fact, I have cases and cases of CDs from those good old times. I loved those damn CDs and for those of you that know me, I was probably the last of the mohicans when it came to getting music digitally. My first music download was only a few years ago. Apparently I had a white knuckle grip on the past.

My point is this, why continue to complain about something I am lacking when I could be jamming out to Alanis circa 1996 in the shower??! I already know I love me some Mariah so I might as well ask Alexa to play her best hits. Green day really did it for me in the 7th grade, perhaps we can try again? I already know what makes me happy. I already know that the music I grew up with feels (sooo) much better to me than (most of the) music I hear today.

As I am getting older, I am realizing that I already know what I like. I already know what I dislike. So I am just going to start doing the things that I already know light me up. Things that I already know bring me joy and things that I already know feel good in my bones. When did we stop doing those things? It’s like when I hit adulthood I shed them all. Why?

I got to thinking, what else am I not doing, listening to, eating, playing that I used to adore? Why did I stop dancing? Why don’t I go to more concerts? Why did I stop making microwave rice crispies (okay, I know why I stopped that one). I’m not sure is the answer. Life gets busy? Kids. Kids. KIDS? Too much adulting? I don’t like it and it sounds rather boring.


Not today, sir, not today. For the past week I have been playing JLO on a loop. Part because I am still riding a high from her concert and part because I love singing along. I took a barre class today that was more cardio than anything and partially satisfied my love of being in a dance class. The next stop is to find an adult hip hop class to see if this momma still has some moves. And, I am really tempted to stop at the store on the way to pick up the kiddos and have a little rice crispies sesh with them (do they make organic, refined sugar free marshmallows?).

What are you not doing that lights you up? Why did you stop doing it? Would your life be more fun/joyful/fulfilling if you did that thing? I say this, GO DO IT. Give yourself the opportunity to feel that again. Flood your brain with memories that have been hiding and remind it of how much fun this life can be. In the mundane schedule of momming, in-between school drop offs and bedtime routines, a girl needs a little spark. Turn the music up, have a dance party in the living room or take the party to a club with the ladies, whatever it is, treat yourself to it (you have my permission😁)

In good health,

One thought on “Adulting Should Not Equal Boring

  1. Tassili Maat says:

    You know you always some of my favorite people on the planet! I love it it was so cute! The family the dances together stays together or should that be the family that plays good music together stays together and totally the family that prays together stays together anyway y’all are together LOL

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