Repeat After Me…

Do you have a monkey living in your head too? What’s up with that? Who is this sed monkey and what does it want from me?

The funny thing about this damn monkey is that it wasn’t always there. I don’t remember feeling so utterly overwhelmed as a child. I did not have 9 million thoughts racing within a 5 second period, and I didn’t have the negative self talk that I sometimes get now.

Is it from the advancements in technology? Maybe…we are now exposed to waaaay more information in a day than was ever possible when I was a kid. Maybe it’s just that I am an adult now and have a shizzz ton more responsibilities than I ever knew was possible. Whatever the reason, the monkey has to go (or at least take a nap every once in a while, por favor).

And, honestly, I wouldn’t even mind renting out some brain space to this funky monkey if its’ intention was just to leave good thoughts in my head. But, we all know this can be quite the opposite. Does your monkey leave you talking some serious smack about yourself too? Not cool, bro.

Years ago I was taking a nursing class for my bachelors and we read a book that blew my mind. Not only was I shocked by the information, but I was also shocked that a) we were learning this in nursing school and b) the world as we knew it did not know this very cutting edge information. I swear, you guys, it was a total game changer for me. The book was called, The Biology of Belief. Get it. Order it right now, I’ll wait.

The sum of the book goes something like this; our thoughts hold matter. Our thoughts actually are a physical, tangible structure. They are not just merely thoughts that flow in and out of your mind. They are, in fact, a substance that can physically change the wiring of our brain. Mind blown yet? Just wait, there’s more. If you are thinking negative thoughts, you are literally rewiring your brain (creating new neuro pathways) to actually believe that those thoughts are real. And now that those thoughts are real (in your brain), then everything changes. If you tell yourself constantly that you are fat, then guess what? You will gain weight! Your body is trying to make the thing you are thinking come true. What the eff??? If you are telling yourself that you’ll “never get the job/boyfriend/house” then, you guessed it, you’ll never get it!

Let’s flip that though. If you tell yourself that you are strong/beautiful/healthy/fab then your brain will create new neuro pathways to make those things happen. What kind of crazy-magical-miraculaous world do we live in? I’m not sure, but I love it.

So, I say throw a big middle finger to that negative monkey, start thinking the thoughts that create the life/body/career that you want and Go on with your fab self, girl, because you ARE most definitely that (if you believe it):). And, hey, there 100% will be a time when the things you want to think vs. the things you are actually thinking, will seem impossible. Fake it ’til you make it. It takes some time to retrain the stubborn monkey but I promise if you keep up with it, change will come.

Here are some affirmations that I say or have said that helped me retrain my brain. Use mine or come up with your own and watch the change in your head unfold.

Repeat after me…

Thank you for my good health & able body

My body is healthy, strong, and free from pain




I AM an exceptional wife/mother

I AM grateful for this life and all it has to offer

It even works on money too…

I AM open to receive all of the abundance the universe has to offer me

I release the need to block any abundance meant for me

Every time I turn around there is a new check in the mail (yes! this really works!)

Money comes to me always.

You get the point, right? Pick one, two, three, heck pick 47 of them, write them on sticky notes and decorate your bedroom with them. Surround your self with positive affirmations. Create new neuro pathways that serve you, not destroy you. Sound good? Cool.

In good health,

P.S. Check out how I end all of my posts, “In good health”. That’s me positively affirming what I want for myself and for you:).

P.P.S. Manuka is the oil of Affirmations and Melissa is the oil of Light. Try adding those two to your positive affirmation practice!

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