Boss Up & Change Your Life

“Boss up and change your life
You can have it all, no sacrifice”


Have you heard it yet? Good as Hell by Lizzo? Do yourself a favor and youtube that shizzz right meow. The ironic part is that I just spilled my blogging beans all over the internet about how the music these days is crap. The Universe heard that and was like “pump the brakes, woman, let me throw you some dope tunes”. Thank the music GODs because this song has me tossing my hair all over the living room.

While I don’t currently relate to the total concept of the song , “he don’t love you anymore, so walk your fine ass out the door…”, the underlying message sent chills through my body. What I heard was something I have been hash tagging for some time now…

Trust your dopeness.

Period. The end. Not another thought. YOU, my friend can be (and should be) 100% totally you without any worries what other people think of you. What others think of you is none of your business anyway so don’t spend any time trying to deal with that nonsense.

Let your GOD given light shine as bright as it can. Never dim that GLO for anyone (even though it can be hard not to). Bring other people up to your vibration, not you lowering your vibration for other people. By you trusting your dopeness, you are giving others permission to let their light shine.

And those excuses you are making for not doing the dream things in your head? It’s got to stop. You are not too busy, you are not too broke, you are not too inexperienced. Others have done it with far less than you, Far less with a capital F. Boss up! You can change your life! YOU can change your life. Trust that you have it in you (because you DO) and take the steps necessary to make that shizzz happen. I have to give myself this pep talk all of the time. But I have too much on my plate. NO! But I don’t know what the heck I am doing. SO! Who’s going to take me serious? Someone! I prrrromise you. No more excuses, just ask Lizzo ;).

So, go on, do your hair toss, check your nails and feel good as hell knowing that you are the dopest you that will be ever be :).

In good health,


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