Clouds in My Rasa, Clouds in My Rasa…

I know you can relate.

I am pretty sure that I have officially gone 6 years without sleep. I’m not even exaggerating either. I had insomnia with my first born so that means that for 9 months before she was born I did not sleep and things did not change after she was born. She is now five, my son is now 2 and the night breastfeeding shows no end in site. I’m exhausted.

I don’t even think I have the ability to sleep through the night anymore. There have been times that I have been without my kiddos overnight and, yup, you guessed, I still woke up a million times through the night. And last night? My son was still asleep at 3 AM and I was the one that was awake paranoid that he wasn’t breathing. It’s almost like my body has surrendered to the zombie lifestyle.

About 9 months ago I had had enough. I really was about to lose my shizzz and I knew that I just needed about 6 years worth of sleep and some really strong coffee. Unfortunately that is not possible but a girl can dream, right? But, for real, I had found myself on the downward slope to a coffee addiction and I was not any closer to feeling, well, alive. Caffeine, in general, is no bueno for me. I end up feeling jittery, anxious, and not any more awake than I was pre starbucks run. I could feel my adrenals screaming at me and praying for relief. It’s just not for me. That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy how it tastes (and especially how is smells). Mmmm, hot coffee smells in the morning….mmmm

Like any sort of cosmic connection, Rasa fell in to my lap. What the heck is that??? is usually the question that I get when asked what I am drinking. Think about it this way, a steaming cup of adaptogenic herbs, mushrooms, and other nourishing plants that give your adrenals a warm embrace, raise your vibration and give you a sustainable energy that doesn’t make you crash. Sign me right on up.

If you are new to adaptogens or even to the term adaptogen, know this; adaptogens are Nature’s antidote to the stressors of modern life. They adapt to what our bodies are in need of. Do you need energy? Adaptogens provide energy. Do you need to take a chill pill? Adaptogens will soften the lights, diffuse some Frankincense and wrap you in a warm blanket.

I traded in my daily cup of coffee for a nice steaming cup of rasa. And you know what? I wasn’t jittery, I didn’t feel anxious, and my breath didn’t stink. (it still blows my mind that coffee breath is socially acceptable, eww).

And then something magical happened…

I started feeling more energy as the weeks went by. The more and more I was consistent with my rasa consumption the more the herbs were able to do their thang. It actually got to the point where the mental fog drifted away and I actually felt like a human again-PRAISE BE. So this, my friend, is why I wanted to share this with you. I know that you are exhausted. I know that you are just going through the motions of your day, dreaming about the hour when you get to crawl in to bed. I KNOW.

Here is the down and dirty of Rasa and why I think it can help you too:


What is it? Coffee alternatives that don’t suck.
What’s in it? 12 herbs, 7 adaptogens, 2 mushrooms

  • Sustainable & Organic Herbs
  • No gluten, sugar, added flavor or fillers
  • Fair Trade Organic cacao
  • Fair Trade Organic coffee from women owned & operated farms
  • Whole30 approved

How Rasa came to be?

Lopa came up with the idea for Rasa when her son was 4 months old—a time most moms get addicted to coffee. She wanted a coffee alternative that tasted great, energized, & had a ton of health benefits. When she couldn’t find one, she created her own.

An herbalist friend expertly crafted the Original Rasa formula to make it nourishing, uplifting, safe for most people, and packed with adaptogens to help with stress. 


Rasa sources their 100% organic (duh!) herbs for long-term sustainability, potency, and fair, empowering conditions for the humans that grow them—and they constantly strive to do even better tomorrow. 


They’ve scoured the globe in their commitment to compostable and are leading the cutting edge of sustainability when it comes to their packaging. 

Why drink Rasa?

  • Builds stress resilience & gives you calm energy
  • Short-term energy herbs give you a pep in your step
  • Long-term energy herbs build your energy reserves and stabilize energy levels over time with daily drinking. 

Stress Resilience: The hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis (HPA) & sympatho adrenal system (SAS) are your “stress muscles,” telling adrenals when you’re under stress. Adaptogens strengthen them, building stress resilience so you’re even more of a badass under pressure. 

Energizing From Within: Coffee is one of the world’s most consumed beverages, but it provides an external source of energy that can actually drain you over time. We’re disrupting a favorite pastime with the healthiest alternative that we can possibly create.

Naturally Enhance Performance: Adaptogens eleuthero & rhodiola were used to improve athletic performance of Russian soldiers and athletes in the 1960s. Eleuthero gives steady, clear energy, while rhodiola is notorious for improving endurance.

Gentle Daily Detox: Get that inner squeaky-clean feeling in a gentle, daily way with chicory, dandelion, & burdock. Digestion, liver, & lymph all get a li’l cleansing love with this all-star herbal trifecta.


  • Ideally: French press for 10-15 minutes
  • Basically, the herbs in Rasa need 10-15 minutes brewing time, OR pressure, to get a full extraction
  • Other methods that work: 
    • Espresso machine—fill portafilter no more than ½ full, DO NOT TAMP, and pull a DOUBLE double shot (yep, that’s 4 shots!)
    • Keurig (it uses pressure!)—just brew on the strongest setting; it can take a time or two to get your perfect brew because every machine is a little different
    • Moka pot 
    • Aeropress
    • Disposable or reusable tea bag (just be sure to cover the pot while it brews!)

Original –  no caffeine

  • Most potent formula, strongest herbal taste
  • You can add it to your coffee to balance out the negative effects of caffeine
  • pH of 6
  • Calm Energy
  • Most people prefer with something creamy; also delicious Bulletproofed!
  • Most adaptogens per serving (~3000 mg of 7 adaptogenic herbs)

Dirty – 35mg of caffeine

  • Fair trade medium roast coffee from women owned and operated farms
  • Paired with our Original herbal formula
  • pH of 5.5 (most coffee has a pH in the 4s)
  • For comparison, an 8 oz cup of coffee has around 140-170 mg caffeine (depending on the beans, roast, & brewing method)
  • Lively Energy
  • We’re not anti-coffee, we’re pro-adaptogens
  • MANY people tell us they can’t drink normal coffee but can drink Dirty—it’s a much more balanced lift from the caffeine
  • Balance the effects of coffee:
    • Nervine tonic herbs in our herbal formula balance out the central nervous system stimulation of coffeeCoffee can tax adrenals, the herbs in Rasa nourish and restore adrenals
  • Scientifically proven to help you be more chill under pressure. 
  • Sustained energy without jitters or crash
  • Offsets caffeine’s negative side effects.

Cacao – 5mg caffeine

  • Fair trade Criollo cacao
  • Paired with our Original herbal formula 
  • pH of 6
  • Happy Energy—theobromine from cacao is a natural mood booster
  • Smells freaking amazing
  • Mixes well with both Original and Dirty
  • Cacao + Dirty = Rasa Crack


  1. Codonopsis: VITALITY – Boosts vitality, feel good and have a glow, restores the body’s natural energy reserves both short and long-term, and lends a subtle sweetness.
  2. Burdock: PURIFICATION – Smoothes & nourishes skin while cleansing lymph & removing toxins, for soft skin soft.
  3. Reishi: RELAXATION – “The Chill AF ‘Shroom.” Powerfully relaxes mind, supports longevity, and builds a powerful immune system. Known as “Spirit Plant” in China.
  4. Eleuthero: ENERGY – Gives the energy boost you need while rebuilding adrenals & restoring the nervous system – instead of frying it like *some* stimulants.
  5. Rhodiola: ENDURANCE – Boosts brain power, promotes sharper mental focus, balanced energy levels, and is often used by athletes for physical stamina.
  6. Chaga: IMMUNITY – Super-powered antioxidant mushroom that fortifies the immune system. We use only chaga mycelium for sustainability.
  7. Ashwagandha: CALM – Soothes nervous system, boosts libido, and promotes a deep sense of well-being.
  8. Chicory: DIGESTION – Roasty, dark, & delicious! Supports and rebuilds digestive system for smooth absorption of nutrients.
  9. Dandelion: DETOXIFICATION – Aids digestion & gently detoxifies the liver, gallbladder, and kidneys. Dark, slightly bitter taste like java.
  10. Ceylon Cinnamon: CIRCULATION – Stimulates circulation, supports healthy digestion and blood sugar balance 
  11. He Shou Wu: LONGEVITY – Enhances cognition, promotes longevity, and rejuvenates vital energy reserves. In every ancient Chinese beauty formula ever.
  12. Shatavari: NOURISHMENT – Balances emotions, calms irritability, soothes the mind, and replenishes depleted vitality stores.

Additional notes:

Never use Rasa in a drip coffee machine! The herbs need time to brew in order to get all the goodness from them.

Are you convinced yet? I sure am! I love this product so much that I asked the kind peeps over at HQ to hook my friends up with a discount. Use code NIKKI at checkout to get 15% off your order. Just click here to purchase.

In good health,


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