Choose Your Own Adventure

I’m sitting on my patio.

I am taking full advantage of the fact that my husband is putting the kids to bed and I get to…breathe. We bought this fancy, big egg shaped chair (but it is really more like a cocoon) and it is the perfect place to curl up and listen to the crickets chirp. I just looked up and I saw a spider weaving its web. The way she moves is so methodical and incredibly intentional. She spins and weaves and spins and weaves until she has her very own world that she created. Most likely the wind or a bird or some other creature will ruin the web in the daylight hours and she will have to/get to create her web over again.

This got me thinking about how we get to create the world we live in- collectively and individually. I mean, we get to chose who our friends are, where we live, what shows we watch, books we read, jobs, etc. Every choice we make every second of the day shapes our personal world as we know it. So, just like the spider spinning her web, we spin our own web to live in.

I was having a conversation with some women the other day about social media and how terrible (to some) it is and how great (to others) it is. Some of the women were speaking on how fake people are on Instagram and how there are bad influences everywhere, “I mean, what is she even famous for anyway??”. Where as to some of us, our instagram feeds are filled with inspiring women who are creating real change, women supporting women, positive affirmations, rainbows & unicorns ;P. Right there in that conversation I realized that social media is the perfect example of how we get to create our own worlds.

Several times, whilst scrolling through my feed, I am filled with anxiety just from the content. Sometimes it is because I am mortified by what is being shared (hunting pics, really guys? No one wants to see a dead animal), and sometimes It is because I am feeling inadequate in some way to someone else’s progress (she has a podcast, I’m so behind! Should I get a podcast? Oh no! I need a podcast!). I’ve had to choose the things that lift me up and unfollow/delete/let go of the things that raise my heart rate. I have enough to think about, I’m not interested in someone else’s shizzz (you know what I mean?).

I choose to have uplifting people in my follow list- which then creates a really positive experience-which then raises my vibration-and then I am inspired to post positive and uplifting content.

I don’t want to see negative things, drama, low vibey stuff, so I don’t even allow it in my world. I mean, even the news is a struggle for me. I realize the importance of being current on world events so I’ll occasionally watch 30 minutes of the news and then I’m done. I choose not to inundate my brain with negative crap all day long. I even had to shut off the automatic updates on my phone because I did not want negative information to reach me whenever it wanted to, I want the choice as to when I will allow that information to be in front of me. The anxiety that comes with a Breaking News! Alert, Enough!

The cool part is that, just like the spider who gets to spin her web all over again tomorrow, we get to make a different decision next time if the current decision you made is no longer serving you. Every second we are choosing how we want to shape our lives. Tonight I am choosing to write out my feelings under the stars and last night I chose to make s’mores in the toaster oven and hibernate on the couch. S’mores, btw, in the toaster oven, is epic.

Is the world that you have created for yourself the one you want to live in? Does it feel good to be there or are you feeling stuck/anxious and wanting to escape? Regardless of where you are now, you have the choice to make a different decision tomorrow. You can clean out the muck/negativitiy/bad vibes and start surrounding yourself with the things that raise you up. Unfollow that person that has a bad attitude, Turn off the crap reality show, get that toxic person out of your life once and for all, and make a better choice for yourself. You have the luxury of spinning a new web any time you want to, just make the decision to do it and get to work.

I’m learning that there are SO MANY things in my day that contribute to my anxiety. I’m also learning that it is a one-step-at-a-time process to slowly remove or diminish the things that get me worked up. It’s easy to unfollow people, it’s easy to turn off the news, and it’s easy to seek the good. I’m going to start right there for now :).

What is one easy thing you can do to give yourself a break from the excess noise of the world? Whatever it is, do that!

In good health,

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The Whole Fam Damnly

3 thoughts on “Choose Your Own Adventure

  1. Anne says:

    “Your vibe attracts your tribe”. Love that to remind me that if I want healthier relationships, I need to keep my vibe up. thanks Nikki!

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