Go Back to Your Breath

I HATE yoga. I don’t understand why people are breathing weird and it seems like these people are taking this way too serious.

Those were my exact words about, mmmmm, 15 years ago? In my defense, I was just introduced to Bikrham yoga and I was 90 minutes in to the hottest, most intense yoga sesh one could comprehend. But still, what’s the point of all of this nonsense, anyway? My roommate at the time was totally digging the 108 degree torture chamber and I, well, was not.

I grew up with soccer (running), softball (running), dance (3 hours of running basically), and cardio, cardio, cardio, anything. So this whole slow moving thing with weird names for poses wasn’t my thing….

Until it was…

As I started to pay attention to my body and really get an idea about what makes it feel good, what makes it feel bad, and how to work with that, I started to appreciate the intentional movements and breath work that yoga has. I don’t think I ever really hated yoga, I just think that I wasn’t ready for it. And that is because yoga is so much more than just a workout. In fact, I have been to several classes where the only focus was breath and have left feeling like a new person without even moving much.

Eff it, Let that Shizzz Go.

Especially with all of the noise that is bombarding me on a daily basis (I’ve legit checked my email 43,000 times today, heard the presidents name 67,000 times, and have been asked for a snack 14,000 times, the momXiety is real), I need some slow, calm movements in my day. Sometimes I need someone to show me what calm even is because I often forget how to slow down and shut down the noise.

Go back to your breath.

I’ve heard this a lot in my yoga years but it wasn’t until just last month (no joke) that I actually fully understood this simple phrase. We were prepping for corpse pose (my fave) and the instructor was turning up the calm music and slowing down the pace. I love this pose because I a) finally get to lay down b) am laying down and c) you guessed it, I’m laying down. There have only been a few times in my practice where I have “gone somewhere” in Savasana. Does that sound weird? It kind of is. Twice in my life, while in Savasana, I went to another world/demension/who knows because this shizzz is bananas. Well this particular time, last month, I was asking GOD how to handle my frustrations with my kids. I had left the house that morning overwhelmed with the tears and the yelling. And as I settled in to the pose, I “went somewhere”. The moment I asked the question, I had an immediate download that said “Go back to your breath”. Yes! That is the answer! And the yogis had been telling me all along! Go back to your freaking breath! It all clicked. I went home and felt like a million bucks.

It’s So Simple!

I felt like I had just received the answer to everything. And I really believe that I did. Go back to your breath. In everything, go back to your breath. In all of your worries, go back to your breath. In all of your joy, go back to your breath. In all of your love/light and gratitude, go back to your breath. In all of your frustrations/anxieties, GO BACK TO YOUR BREATH. Inhale all of that goodness and exhale all that is not serving you.

The breath. It all makes sense now. In just about every yoga class I have taken, the teacher uses essential oils in some way or another. With such an emphasis on breathing, its no wonder aromatherapy is such a good pair with yoga! I spent four years during my doctoral program learning about how oils can reduce anxiety. I suppose that is another reason that oils are used so frequently with yoga. I can imagine that, like me, those with anxiety crave slow, meaningful movement as well as some time to quiet the mind. My favorite yoga teachers are the ones that spritz me down with oils during my practice. There is something so peaceful when mixing the art of pleasant smell with the flow of movement. Now, before my yoga class, I pick an oil or 3 that serves me in that moment, put a drop on my palms, rub my hands together and cup over my nose. I take 3 to 5 big inhales and then rub the rest on my heart and my forearms. I can’t even tell you how much this has enhanced my yoga experience.

3 Oils That Support My Practice

doTERRA Anchor promotes feelings of completeness, calmness, and courage

doTERRA Align encourages harmony and calm progress

doTERRA Arise helps to instill feelings of happiness, clarity, and courage

If You Want to Get Fancy With it…

  • The perfect yoga poses to pair with doTERRA Anchor’s aroma are Seated Meditation, Seated Twist, and Bhu Mudra (one hand on the heart, the other on the Earth). 
  • Ideal yoga poses with doTERRA Align’s aroma are Warrior II, Triangle, and Gate pose. 
  • Use doTERRA Arise while practicing the following yoga poses: standing arms high, standing side stretch, and Half Moon. 

Otherwise just use the oils however you see fit because not matter what, you will benefit from them.

And, momma, I know what you are feeling. I know the overwhelm, the frustrations, the anxieties that motherhood brings. I also know that going back to your breath in those moments will allow you to push through just a little bit easier. Go back to your breath always…and add a little essential oil while your at it, k? ;P

In good health,

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