Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

I’ve had to get used the weather in California. Yes, I just said that.

Growing up in Idaho, we had #allthseasons; snow filled Winters, crisp, bright Springs, sunny Summers, and cozy Autmns. Here? Here we have sun, sun, more sun, and maybe an occassional rainy day.

I know you think I’m complaining about good whether, but I’m not….I’m not totally complaining…hear me out…

I miss the changing of the seasons, like the real changing of the seasons. I mean yesterday it was 90 degrees here and it is the end of October. I’m not okay with that. It wasn’t until after living here for 7 years that I actually started noticing the seasons change. I was walking down the street in Little Italy (San Diego), and I saw a leaf of the sidewalk and I thought, “hmmm, is this autumn I am seeing?” Turns out it was. Now, I live in the most beautiful town in Southern California. Here I am surrounded by Palm Trees, Eucalyptus trees, and a handful of trees that shed their bright, cheery autumn leaves every year. Every time I drive up my hill I get to experience a season change (and I am grateful).

I now sort of get a Fall and sort of get a Winter but I may be wearing my birkenstocks and shorts along the way.

So in celebration of fall but also in honor of California’s coveted weather, I wanted to share an Onguard Pumpkin Pie Smoothie. Considering that it is Halloween and I’m feeling awfully festive, cheers to changing seasons and boosting our immune system while we’re at it .

In good health,

Need to restock your Onguard? Here’s the link

Need some fall inspired diffuser recipes? Here ya go:

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