Diffuser Care

I have 6 in my house right now.

3 of them are within feet of each other (forehead smack emoji right here). I sincerely feel that having a (or 6) diffusers in your living space is the one of the best things you can do for your family. You see, diffusing is arguably the most therapeutic way to use essential oils.

Do me a favor-pinch right where your bridge of your nose is with your index finger and your thumb. You feel that? Right under your fingers there is the pathway to your limbic system. The limbic system is the part of our brain that is responsible for behaviors and emotional responses. When we breathe in scents, they have a direct affect on our behaviors and our emotions. Make sense?

You’ve experienced this, right? The smell of cookies brings a cozy feeling or the smell of a certain cologne brings back all the feels from your junior high crush. Smells are associated with memories, memories are associated with emotions, yadi yadi, you get the point.

Citrus oils are uplifting, tree oils are grounding, you get to pick which mood you want to be in based on which oils you put in your line of smell. Easy, right? So go diffuse something right meow:).

And it’s not just the fact that oils help us support our mood, they also help keep us healthy. Diffusing certain oils is purifying to the air, can support your immune system, and eliminate odors. It’s like a one stop shop over here! I diffuse every day because 1) I love how it makes my house smell, 2) I choose oils to support the mood I want to be in, and 3) I am protecting my family from seasonal threats that want to bring us down-no sir, not today, not with my Onguard in the diffuser. P.S. Onguard and Breathe in the diffuser every day is life.

It’s important to take care of your diffuser though because she is taking care of you. Here’s how to do it;

  1. Every week wipe out your diffuser with a cloth or paper towel. If you see a pinkish orange film inside, that is bacteria and you want to wipe out your diffuser more frequently.
  2. Don’t let water sit in your diffuser for days at a time. That is just creating a breading ground for bacteria and aint nobody got time to diffuse bacteria all over your house.
  3. Every month diffuse a cap full of white vinegar and the rest water through a cycle. Wipe out the diffuser with a clean cloth before diffusing oils again. This will keep it in tip top shape.
  4. Tell her how pretty she is and how thankful you are for all her hard work.

That’s it! It really is so low maintenance and the such a gift you can give your household. Oh! and if you have a spouse that thinks you’re a crazy oil lady spreading your snake oils everywhere, this is a way to get oils in them without them even knowing it (hehe:))

Here is my favorite diffuser and it comes with Serenity!

Here is the newest and most fancy diffuser. It comes in black too!

Here is the most festive diffuser and it comes with a Holiday Peace!

Here is the best bang for your buck

In good health,

P.S. If you need a diffuser and you want to get it at wholesale, send me a message at nikkiglomail@gmail.com

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