I Did it All for the Cookies

“I’ll just do an extra 20 minutes of a workout”

This was the answer to a conversation that just happened in my head. Why? Well, because…cookies. I’m not a huge cookie person unless it involves chocolate, chocolate chips, nuts, frosting and… cookies ;P.

‘Tis the season, right?! 

I know you are all anxious about getting this holiday season right. I know that you have 7,000 lists in your head; shopping lists, grocery lists, festive events lists, you are a mom! I get it, my head feels like it might explode today as well. And while I am trying to skate through the holiday season on a rink full of love, fun, and ease, the stress of it all still seems to sneak in a bit.

My answer?

Cookies, duh.

So, I have combined two of my fave things; sweets and essential oils and put this pretty blog post together for you as my Christmas present :). You are welcome:).

As a reminder! Please check your essential oil bottles before using them internally. If they do not have a nutrition label on them, don’t consume them!

In good health,

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