Dance and Love & Dance Again

I hit a wall.

Not literally, although it felt that way. This past year I have really wanted to share everything with you. I have wanted to be consistent with my blog posts, master the Instagram game, bring you an abundance of information, and do it all well . I forgot a minor detail; I also needed to be a (good) mom, a present wife, a focused nurse practitioner and a thorough professor. Oh, and the bills need tended to, the dog needs grooming, the carpet needs vacuuming. 

Get it? I was trying to do it all. None of it was done that well. I lost my patience with my kids, I had less time with my husband, Instagram wasn’t opened every day and there were some weeks when I did not publish a blog post. I tried, really, I did but then there was that damn wall.

I realize that something has to give and I’m working on what that may be. For now, I just wanted to share that If you are feeling overwhelmed by all of the things that you have on your plate, I’m right there with you sister. 

I had a come to Jesus moment the other day as my MomXiety was at all time high -Did I mention we just moved into a new home? As exciting as that is, it does not come without some stress. So, on top of the end of the year, the holidays, and life, we had a move that we are still very much getting through- My realization was that I had forgotten the JOY in all of the tasks I was performing. They had become tasks, not fun things I GET to do. I’m not cool with that. That makes everything a JOB, that makes things not fun, and that makes things something I HAVE to do, not WANT to do. 

I learned 2 BIG lessons this year…

The biggest lesson I learned from 2019 is that if it does not bring me joy, I’m not doing it. If it feels like work, I’m not doing it. Because even with all of the work I did put in, not much came out of it besides a few more grey hairs and some extra wrinkles between my eyes. As I was reflecting on this, I realized that the years that I was posting for fun, sharing oils for fun, and doing things for fun, I had much better success and a much better time. So, I am going back to that. 

The next lesson I learned was that it is OKAY to take a break. I noticed that from about December 15- January 15, I was not motivated to work. I wanted that time to hibernate with my family. I wanted to not have to check my phone/email. I wanted to not have to edit a blog post. I wanted to just BE. And why wouldn’t I be able to do that? The answer is; I CAN. I just need to plan for it. In 2020 I am going to work ahead so that I can take 2 months off (maybe July and December/January). I’ll use that time to be a mom and a wife. That’s it. Nothing else. 

I love what I do with this blog, I really, truly find joy in designing an Instagram feed and I am never more aligned than when I am sharing oils. And I want to do that well for you, but I also want it to be fun. You know what I mean? 

There’s a Jennifer Lopez song that goes, “I want to dance and love and dance again!” That is this year’s motto for me. I love me a good dance party and I want to love all of the things that come with running a business, being a mom, and being a wife. So, I am going to DANCE and LOVE and DANCE again :)…and finally crawl out of my holiday hibernation.

Whatever motto/resolution/goal you have adopted this year that has you pumped for 2020, let that guide you to have fun, find joy in all you do, and take breaks when you need to just BE. Wishing you all a  wonderful New Year. Let’s do this!

In good health,

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