Integrating Oils Into Your Kiddos Bedtime Routine

Times they are a-changing in the Knight household. And you know what? I’m totally digging it..kind of…

We started co-sleeping when Ella was about 3 months. She slept better near me which meant that I slept better, and it was a win-win. Plus, breastfeeding is exhausting in the middle of the night. As she got older (maybe around 2) we dabbled with putting her to sleep in her bed but my momXiety of her in another room and her desire to be by me made it challenging. When Ezekiel was born, we sort of played musical beds. One night my husband would sleep in the other room with Ella, another night it could be me and the 2 kids in a bed and the hubs in another room. We didn’t have a bedtime for them either, they fell asleep when we did. There really wasn’t a method to our madness, but it worked. As Ella was approaching Kindergarten, we knew that we needed to start making bedtime more structured. She needed to get used to the routine of getting ready and settling in for the night. She also needed a bedtime! 

I’ve always had a natural bedtime routine; brush teeth, wash face, put on pajamas, say a prayer, and hit the sack. Over the years I have refined that routine because I found that the ceremony of it all is calming to me. Now I do things like; look at my calendar for the next day, pack my lunch, put away any clothes I have laying around in my room, fill the diffuser with some delicious smelling oil, and say my prayers. If doing these things helped me, why didn’t I have the same kind of routine for my kiddos?

Light bulb moment

I started implementing the BBB routine for them. Every heard of it? It stands for Bath, Book, Bed. We take a warm bath, play, clean up, then we pick a couple of books and then lights out. Just like the evolution of my own bedtime routine, theirs has evolved as well. I’ve added the consistent use of essential oils (shocker) and it has completely elevated the whole experience.

Here is what that looks like:

  • Bath (with a drop or 2 of lavender or Serenity if they are extra rowdy)
  • Pajamas
  • Brush teeth-roll Stronger down the spine
  • Book
  • Lights out
  • Lavender/Serenity/Calmer lovingly rubbed on the bottoms of feet
  • Diffuser on with Siberian Fir or Breathe & Lavender

I miss my kids snuggled up next to me (even though I barely had space in my own bed), I miss feeling their warm bodies and being reassured that they were okay. Which Is why in the beginning of this I said that I’m totally digging it…kind of. I know this phase of life is fading and there will be a day when I crave feeling their warm bodies next to me. I will want so badly to know that they are okay but won’t be able to roll over and witness it.

Adding oils to their routine, not only creates a calming environment and boosts their immune system, but it also creates precious memories for them. When you are applying your oils to your kiddos at bedtime, think about what you are doing for them. You are triggering their memory center, creating lasting, loving memories for them. How special is that?

Which oil scent would you like them to remember these amazing years by?

In good health,

Lumo Sleep Collection Here

The actual oils I use on my kiddos at bed time

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