How I Am Spending My Time During Quarantine

Quarantine Day #4,279

Not really, but you get the idea. This has all been a blur to be honest. The days all blend together and I’m not really sure when the last time I put real people clothes on was.

And, I have to be honest…

I’m actually really enjoying this, and enjoying myself, and loving this free time. I know that is not everyone’s experience, but it is mine (I always tend to have rose colored glasses on anyways 🙂 ). And, another thing, I actually do not have more time on my hands than pre quarantine times which makes saying earlier in this paragraph that I am ‘loving this free time’ rather ironic…but it’s true! I have released so many things; my schedule, my have to’s, some structure and have basically just rolled with the punches. It’s perpetually summer and I’m 16 again. I have the kids with me all the time, I am now homeschooling a kindergartner, and my husband is home all the time so, ya, My extra free time? Long gone. 

I decided (before all of this madness) that I was only going to do things that bring me joy this year and say no to anything that does not align with that. I have to say, the 2 months of 2020 that I actually got to practice that, I realized that it is harder than you might think. It means more decision making (which is not my strong suit but I am working  on it), more potential to hurt someone’s feelings (saying no is hard!), and it means forgetting that you had that goal in the first place and not honoring it. Guilty! I was not always honoring it. This quarantine thing, though? This was a big slap in the face as far as a reality check goes. I found myself (in between mild panic attacks) asking the question; “Where’s the opportunity here and how am I going to spend my time during all of this?” Stressed? No. Full of anxiety? No.

I turned off the news, closed facebook and gave myself 2 “jobs”, dance often and connect more (with myself, my family, my friends, my spirituality). It’s pretty safe to say that I am fully accomplishing those things! I took THE MOST FUN dance class today, online with people I do not know to a 90’s playlist. IT WAS EPIC! Saturday I am taking an Animal House Dance Party by Daybreaker, yesterday I took an IG live class with Kinrgy, I learned the TikTok savage dance and hesitantly posted it to the internet (yikes!), I’ve twerked along with Sahara Rose and the Rose Gold Goddesses ( not really, I don’t know how to twerk but a girl can dream, right?), and I had a virtual dance party with my family in Idaho. I have found a way to fit it in every single day. I have nothing but a huge smile on my face the whole time and I can feel the joy seeping out of my pores. I feel so at home when I am moving to music. 

And the whole connecting goal? As it relates to dance, the class I took today was from a studio in LA that I have never heard of and even if I did, probably never would have gotten up to Silver Lake to even try it out. And, I could say that about all of the virtual dance classes and parties I’ve been a part of. I have more opportunity now that everything is forced to be online. I’ve connected with people I never would have before. I actually just got off the phone with someone who reached out on IG! I’m connecting with my body; it feels good to be in my skin and I have dance to thank for that. It has taught me that my body can do amazing things, it can be pushed out of its comfort zone, and it can carry me through trials, joy’s, tribulations, and life experiences as long as I take care of it. I do miss going out into the world and connecting with people in person but while that is not an option, this has been a really big help for me.

So, in case you love gyrating just as much as I do, I wanted to share a few of places that I find my dance classes (there are so many btw!). Finding joy in all of this is the whole point, right? The entire world stopped so that we can figure out what is truly important-what is absolutely necessary to live great, happy, joyful lives…at least that is how I am choosing to look at it.

Virtual Dance Classes/Parties I Am Loving


DayBreaker Daybreaker Instagram

Sahara Rose

The Sweat Spot

I’m ready and waiting for you to come join me, I’d love to have a friend with me! If you need a virtual dance party, I’m your girl-just let me know when and where and I’ll bring my dancing shoes 🙂

In good health,

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