Gift Ideas For The Health Conscious Momma

May is a trifecta…. For my husband…

Let me explain,

My son’s birthday, my birthday, and mother’s day are all one week apart. As he described it (with a slightly terrified look in his eye), he has to be “on” for 3 weeks in a row. I guess we didn’t plan that one out very well lol.

Anywho, since I am not going to be getting any schoolmade gifts from the littles this year, and you won’t either, I thought I’d share some of my fave things that I think you might like. These are all products I use and love and have found them on my health and wellness journey. Give the hubs this list and you’ll be set. Now if only I could add on there someone to do your laundry for you…. I’ll work on that 🙂

Gift Ideas for the Health Conscious Momma


I love me some Rasa. In fact, I am drinking a big ‘ol cup as I type this. Often thought of as a coffee alternative, Rasa is so much more. Rasa is organic, sustainable herbs, blended together for you to enjoy however suits your life. It is packed with great-tasting herbs that provide lasting energy, nourishing your adrenals rather than taxing them.

You can enjoy Rasa on its own, or try one of our amazing blends–Cacao Rasa (my personal favorite) or Dirty Rasa, which has a little coffee in it…for all my coffee lovers.

Adaptogens rule my world and as you will start to see in this list, I really truly recommend them for moms, working woman, and anyone who values feeling full of energy and dislikes feeling tired and run down. Read here for more information on the power of the daily use of adaptogens.

For 15% off your order, use code NIKKI when you click here

Organic Olivia

I love me a tincture. No, really, I do! I take about 4-5 different tinctures a day. I started using them to support my adrenals and then it evolved into mood support and hormone balancing. I seriously do not know where I would be without tinctures …yes I do, I would be lying on the floor unable to get up because I was so exhausted. That’s a true story btw and the reason I started using them in the first place, #themotherhoodisreal.

After a day of losing my patience with my kids, a friend of mine suggested I try Mood Juice from Organic Olivia. I bought it right away. They also worked right away which is why I am telling you to click this link right meow and do yourself a favor. You are welcome :).

At Organic Olivia, they believe that natural remedies, herbs and food can help prevent disease and increase quality of life. That the mind-body-spirit connection to physical illness is always present, and that integrating eastern views to western medicine can heal the body. I can totally dig that!

dōTERRA Essential Oils

These gems are my main squeeze right here. Talk about some serious plant power! dōTERRA is an essential oil company changing the world one drop at a time to empower you and your loved ones with health and wellness and to provide the purest, highest quality essential oils and products.

My love for these oils began with my research for my doctoral program and hospital I was working at and has evolved into so much more than I could have ever hoped for. In our home, we use oils to support our immune systems, our moods, our skin health, and, well, to make our house smell like you are walking through a flower field :). This is the best way to create a loving, non-toxic environment for the whole fam. Every mom needs some non-toxic loving in their lives <3.

Click here to get the health conscious lady in your life some plant-powered love at wholesale pricing :).

Get Smart Social

I started this blog all those years ago to share the amazing information I was learning about health and wellness. I’ve talked about juicing, whole foods, natural skin care, essential oils, motherhood, non-toxic living, the list goes on. I am truly passionate about good health and I am always inspired when others are sharing their wealth of knowledge as well. For my peeps out there blogging, podcasting, IGing it up, I see you! Thank you for getting the good word of health out.

Get Smart Social is A one-of-a-kind social media graphics and images subscription service that brings you new content each month to keep your brand fresh and your time free. If there is one thing I have learned over my blogging years is that fresh, beautiful content takes time and effort. Having stock photos created for you, is nothing short of a blessing. To save your time and effort and for a beautiful feed/blog/email content, Get your 14 days free with Get Smart Social here.

Well, there you have it. These are just some of my faves that help keep me and my family in tip-top shape. I can’t stress enough how powerful, precious, and healing plants can be. Share them with everyone and show them what natural health looks like:).

Happy Mother’s Day to every kind of mother out there. I love you, I celebrate with you, and I tip my glass of rasa to you 🙂

In good health,

For all of the links to products, you can find them here.

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