Going Back to My Why-Reducing My Toxic Load

It may sound like I’m shouting…but I’m not…kind of LOL

Let me explain;

I was talking with someone about a rash on their child’s body. “What do you think it is?” they asked me. So, I went through the list of questions that I normally do when I am trying to diagnose. Have you tried any new soaps lately, a lot of people are adding harsher soaps because of this virus? Answer: No. What kind of laundry detergent are you using? Answer: Fill in the blank (but totally full of awful chemicals and hormone disruptors) and actually, I noticed the rash appear when I started adding the scent booster beads to the laundry….

Okay, here is the part that is going to sound like yelling;

Why are you using that crap on your child’s clothes??? On anyone’s clothes??? (in the most non-judgmental way possible of course ;)).

I tend to forget sometimes that not everyone has heard the awful affects that come from using toxic chemicals in our everyday products, especially hormone disruptors. Not that long ago, actually, I was the one using all of those products and feeling mighty fine about it too. I grew up with a mom that was allergic to fragrance and so my laundry never smelled like that Tide magic heaven scent that I swear they curate from white fluffy clouds and spring rain. We never had candles or room sprays, and we certainly never had scent boosters to toss around in our load of whites. So, when I was given the green light to do my own laundry and buy my own candles, I did so in abundance.

Fast forward to about 2010 when I was re-entering school to get my doctorate in nursing. Through some serendipitous events, I started being mindful of my health. I started taking note of the things I was eating, the products I was using, and the thoughts I was allowing. From great teachers like Kris Carr (my juicing guru) to organizations like the Environmental Working Group (my safe products go to), I was able to learn a whole lot of info on how ALL of those things can negatively impact or positively impact our health.

This was when nikkiGLO was born. I just truly wanted to disseminate all of the amazing, ooie-gooey info I was downloading and share it with everyone. I felt that every woman, mom, man, child, even dog (!) needed to know about how dangerous some of these chemicals can be. From allergies all the way to being straight up carcinogens, most of our products were filled to the brim with this potential. How scary is that?!?!?

The good news is that, unlike back in 2010, there are so many good options for safe-r products that there really is no excuse to not throw that shizzz in the trash. That being said, I also understand that making changes like this can take time for some…like me, who had a white knuckle grip on my fabric softener for many, many, years (thank GOD for dryer balls).

After having this conversation about scentables that left me feeling frustrated, I realize that somewhere along the way I slowed down my job of actually teaching people this stuff. It is now, officially (according to my degree), my job to share this exact kind of information with you.  I have an obligation to help keep you healthy, and safe, and well! Most of the time when someone comes in to see me about a problem they have, the solution or answer can be traced back to how someone is eating, moving, thinking, or what products they are using. Can you really expect to be well if you are eating junk? Can you really expect good health if you aren’t moving your body? Can you really expect to be happy if your thoughts are somewhere other than on the positive? Can you really expect your body to work at its best if you are rubbing toxins onto it every day? No, no NO, NO, and again, NO.

I have some serious beef with hormone disruptors, for starters. You see, about 6 years ago, I was told that I carry the breast cancer gene, BRCA-2. This means that I have a higher likelihood of getting a few different kinds of cancers, breast and ovarian being the two highest. This means that I have to protect my lady bits from the potential of turning that mutated gene on and wreaking havoc. Okay, so for me it’s BRCA-2, for you it may be acne, PCOS, PMS, menopause, infertility, low libido, the list goes on. Our endocrine systems (hormone systems) are basically magical systems that allow us to feel; emotions, in balance, feminine or masculine, and like the glorious Goddesses we are. If and when something knocks our natural system out of balance, weird shizzz starts happening…like the above mentioned. In fact, if those things do start showing up for you (acne for example), it means that somewhere in your endocrine system there is a culprit that is causing an imbalance. It’s just plain rude if you ask me ;p. And, while our bodies are incredibly resilient, if they continue to be bombarded with endocrine disruptors on a multiple times a day basis, they don’t stand a fighting chance. 

I mean, think of how many products you use just to get ready in the morning, you have your face wash, toner, moisturizer, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, makeup, lotion, deodorant/antiperspirant, and top it all of with a spritz of fancy perfume. Every single one of those products is an opportunity for your hormones to either stay in balance or go out of balance. Your skin absorbs so much of what we put on our bodies, which gives the product direct access to our blood stream. And when you enter into the rest of the house, you have all of the cleaning solutions, candles, plug-ins, sprays, and what-nots floating around in the air. I mean, according to the EPA, the air in your home is way more seriously polluted than the air outside, including the largest industrial cities (gasp!). That’s pretty cray if you ask me. And most people spend 90% of their day indoors, leaving little opportunity to allow the body to breathe from all of the suffocating toxins it’s soaking in.

And now that I have dumped all of that not so cool info on your lap, let me assure you that removing these awful chemicals from your routine is not as hard as it may seem. Although, it will most likely require that you let go of some of your favorite products (R.I.P Oil of Olay), which kind of stinks….at first.

I understand that it can  feel overwhelming to make a HUGE change all at once. When I was making the transition to a less toxic household, I had to start small, otherwise I would have gotten too overwhelmed and gave up all together. I started with my personal care products. I switched from antiperspirant to deodorant and I removed all parabens and phthalates from my products.  After I had found good alternatives for those things, I started switching my cleaning products. From there it was removing candles, eating organic (as much as possible), drinking purified water, etc. The ball just keeps rolling and pretty soon you look up and realize that you’ve joined the club and can now, officially use the hashtag, #nontoxic :).

When I have someone in my exam room that has never considered the ingredients in their products as a potential culprit, I hand them a list of “definitely have to go” ingredients. This is their loving initiation into a cleaner home/life/body. So, I’ll do the same for you. Start here, start small, just start! Now, more than ever, we need clean, healthy bodies that provide an environment for a healthy immune system. We need to always be ready to fight the good fight of health vs…well, not good health, and we also deserve to feel good in our skin and confident in our bodies. Don’t you want that? I sure do.

Definitely Have To Go List

Parabens; methyl, propyl, butyl, ethyl. If it says paraben at all, toss it

Phthalates; including DBP, DEHP. Swipe right

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) or Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate (SLES). Keep on moving.

Petrolium; ahhhem (clears throat) as in the same stuff that makes gasoline. Trust me, this stuff is in a lot of things

DEA, TEA, MEA, they’ve got to go

You really can go down a rabbit hole with these things so start small, be gracious with yourself and know that with every change you make, with every item you swap out, the entire family is benefitting in a major way. And for those that love themselves some scentables and I just rained on your flowery, fragrant parade, a) I’m sorry! and b)dryers balls with some geranium essential oil on it is just as magical-I promise!

In good health,

For more ideas on how to clean up your cleaning products, go here

For more on how to make small changes, go here

For more info on juicing, go here

This blog post is brought to by THE NUMBER ONE NON TOXIC PRODUCT LINE that I use in my home….can you guess it? dōTERRA essentials :):). This product helped take my #nontoxic living to the next level and for that I am so grateful:). For 25% off product, go here 🙂

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