Water Ritual for Manifestation

I had to laugh…

I was preparing to write this blog and I went back through all of my old posts to see what I have written about manifestation. There were so many posts about this! I was cracking myself up, I must really believe in this stuff.

And, the truth is, I absolutely do, which is why I am adding to my large collection of manifestation blog posts LOL.

You can read some of them here, here, and here.

I’m reading several books at once (does any one else do that?) and one day, each book (which have nothing to do with one another) discussed this super symbolic, very easy manifestation ritual. Well, you know when things get presented to you multiple times, it’s time to listen. So I showed the ritual to my husband-it just so happened to be his birthday- and he performed the ritual in that moment as part of honoring another trip around the sun. We’ve decided to now make it part of each birthday, maybe some celebratory moments, and any other time we are manifesting.

This is so simple, you guys, you could do this right now. Here it is…

Water Ritual for Manifestation

Materials Needed
  • two glasses (any size)
  • water
  • flower petals, essential oils, and crystals *optional
  1. Add water to one of the glasses. Leave the other glass empty. The glass with water in it represents your desires. What would you like to manifest? The glass that is empty represents the manifestation of that desire (And So It Is).
  2. Add flower petals or crystals, if you’d like, to the water.
  3. Think about your desires as you are holding the glass with water. What is it that you would like to see happen? You can either think this or say it out loud. Whichever you chose, be specific and have emotion behind it, really feel that desire.
  4. Once you are done with the desires part, pour your water in to the empty glass. This represents that the manifestation is set in motion. And So It is.
  5. As an option, you can drink the water you poured. This just helps seal in the ceremony.

That’s it! When we did it, we put some flower petals in the water and it looked so pretty that we felt some way about throwing the water out. I can imagine this ritual would be amazing for full moon ceremonies, celebrations, decision making, birthdays, for a regular ol’ Monday or Tuesday LOL.

I say this, manifest often. Manifest the things you desire, manifest the relationship you want, manifest the financial abundance you want. Whatever it is, make a ceremony out of it and rest in the knowing that whatever you put out there, will come back to you :).

In good health,

This post is sponsored by Lotus Wei.

You get that I have a love affair with plants, right? I think I’ve been pretty clear about that LOL. Aside from using herbs, oils, and mushrooms (the non-psychedelic ones, sheesh), I also love the soft, feminine, compassionate vibe of flowers. One thing that sits pretty on my shelf of plant medicine is my Lotus Wei Flower Essences. These queens carry a high vibration that supports you emotionally. Right now I am vibing with Taiwanese Azalea flower. The Taiwanese Azalea inspires prolific creative awareness of the multiplicity of ways to attain our wishes. It helps move to higher ground to see things from a broader perspective. I take 5 drops, 5 times a day. It tastes like honey and taking it gives me a mini moment to stop, breathe, and set intentions. I love them so much. For $15 off your order, shop here.

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