What 7 Years of Blogging Has Taught Me

7 years?!?!

I’m not entirely sure how that many years has gone by since I dusted off the lap top and started typing. My mom says that I have always liked writing and that my teachers have always said that I was a good writer. I don’t remember any of that. My momma also showed me a paper I wrote in 5th or 6th grade and the detail and description of things were hilarious. Apparently I pay attention to the details LOL.

But, I really started blogging those 7 years ago because I was learning some pretty cool (mind blowing to me at the time) stuff. I was just diving into my personal well being. I had just started to make a connection between how I was feeling (not that great) and how I was living (also, not that great). Not to say that I had an unhealthy lifestyle, I just didn’t know what I didn’t know, you know? I picked up about a dozen books on wellness and devoured every word of them. If podcasts were a thing at that point, I think my ear drums would have been screaming for a break. The dots started connecting; So if you drink water more frequently, you’ll feel better? And, if you eat vegetables you’ll have more energy? And even more so if I juice those vegetables? You know, the basics LOL. In all seriousness, that’s how the journey…well, at least my journey to wellness…began….and I felt like everyone should get in on this very exclusive information LOL.

If you look back at the content I started with, it’s all about diet and super foods and juicing. I spent so much time on writing about small diet changes you can make to start your own path to wellness. I truly was living my blog, constantly swapping ingredients for more healthy versions, completely cutting processed-refined sugar from my diet, and juicing until I was green in the face. If you look at how many times a month I was blogging, it looks like the information was just oozing from my finger tips. I had a lot to say!

Somewhere along the line I discovered essential oils. I had found plant medicine. Learning about oils changed the course of my life work. I dove head first into a vat of peppermint oil and haven’t really come up for air since. This medicine set me in a direction of holistic nursing, guided my specialty as a doctor of nursing practice and has allowed me to care for my patients in a really natural way. I am grateful.

My writing has also sprinkled some personal development guidance and a glimpse into my own spiritual journey. I’ve learned how to trust my intuition, have confidence in my knowledge, and believe in myself. I still need some encouragement on this one and usually that’s when I blog about it. There is something incredibly vulnerable about sharing with the world that I need a little boost sometimes. I know it is human to feel this way but it doesn’t make it any less scary to hit publish on the blog post. Those are the times when I am blogging for myself, my own personal (although very public) pep talk if you will.

I’ve talked some about my MomXiety and how that affects me on the daily. I know so many of you can relate to the constant worry that comes with being a parent…to humans…to animals…to any living thing really. Who else worries about their plants? I sure as heck do LOL.

And, as I reflect on how these past several blogging years have gone, I realize that it would be weird to have the same content that I started with all those years ago, now. It’s natural to grow and shift interests. My content keeps changing and shifting into the next step of my life. I am still learning and trying to figure it all out. I’m definitely a life long learner with a thirst to know as much as I can and one subject leads me to another inevitably. I think that is what is so appealing to continuously learn for me, new things reveal newer things and that the surveyor belt of things just goes on forever.

Sometimes I wonder if I jump around too much, if I should stay in one lane with my writing. Sometimes I wonder if even know what I’m talking about despite my education and personal life experience. I think this all must be normal (I hope) and that we all are just trying to figure it all out. So, if any of this sounds like you, hear this; it is normal to change and shift interests. You are not a single minded person, you are a complex human that can hold multiple thoughts in your head at one time. You are allowed to flow with whatever feels good and right to you in that moment. Don’t question if you are too much (or too little for that matter), you are YOU and that is all that matters. There is no one box that we all perfectly fit in, there may be several. You may not even fit into any, and that’s amazing! Make your own path. We GET TO be here, we GET TO enjoy this life, this earth, make it how you make and know that it’s okay to be exactly who you are.

Here’s to many more years of blogging and whatever path that might take us on πŸ™‚

In good health,

This blog post has been brought to you by Rasa, my adaptogenic love child that has my adrenals feeling loved. To check out the brew that I consume on the daily, visit wearerasa.com and enter code NIKKI for 20% off πŸ™‚

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