New Moon Juice

Anyone else feeling tired, unmotivated and pretty sluggish lately?

I’m not sure if it’s how the stars are aligned or if its because it is the new moon, or the fact that I am coming off of a pretty lengthy road trip (probably all of the above?) but I am beat.

It has taken me many years to listen to my body when it is feeling this way. I usually have some guilt around taking more and longer breaks during the day. I catch myself feeling like I need to keep going so that it doesn’t look like I am being lazy or unproductive. About 75 times yesterday I had to tell myself to slow down, listen to my body, and release the (forever lasting) mom (and wife) guilt that I was feeling. Did it help? Not that much but I listened as much as I was willing to.

I did, however, recognize right away that I needed to nourish my body. It was (is) obviously craving some love. I decided to lean right into that and go full force with giving my glorious body what it needs-rest, grace, calmness, vegetables and bucket full of water. I also made the decision to detox a bit. In Ayurveda, the fall is a time to detox and reset and since I currently have 2,573 pumpkins in out of my house at the moment, I think it’s safe to say that fall as arrived. You know, I also tend to feel a bit heavy around this time. The same is true when Spring is starting. I feel heavy in my body, heavy in my emotions, and heavy in my thoughts. And, naturally when I feel heavy, I want to remove the excess. So, out goes alcohol, dairy, and simple carbs.

But the goods news? The great news is that I’m drinking more fresh squeezed juices again, which is always a come up. And, in other great news? I just learned how to make fresh juice without a juicer! So, I’d say I am winning:). And, you are too because I’m going to share with you my fave green juice recipe that is amazing for your liver, building your blood, and giving your cells the fuel they need to pull you out of a stars aligned-new moon-road trip funk ;D.

New Moon Juice

What you need:

  • one bunch of Spinach (kale also works)
  • 1 red apple (green also works)
  • 1 cucumber
  • one inch of fresh ginger, peeled
  • half of a lemon
  • parsley
How to with a juicer:

Add all ingredients except lemon in the juicer, add a little water if needed to get it through. Fresh squeeze the lemon into the fresh juiced juice and drink away.

How to without a juicer:

Add all ingredients except lemon in the blender, add a little water if needed. Once blended, pour your mixture into a nut milk bag and squeeze out the juice into a bowl (just like you would for fresh squeezed almond milk). Squeeze the lemon into the juice mixture and enjoy!


It doesn’t have to be perfect, just give it a try! I had to mess around with the ingredient ratios to get it exactly how I like it. When I was first new to juicing, I added more apple for more sweetness. Now, I add less apple and more cucumber. It’s totally up to you and your taste buds!

There you have it. I know every single one of us could use a boost whether or not you are feeling the funk. I hope you enjoy! Let me know if you try this recipe!

In good health,

Another great way to get an extra boost is to add your tinctures to your juices and smoothies. Liver Juice or Mood Juice from Organic Olivia, for example would be my top picks. You can get yours here:).

The health benefits if Liver Juice are:

  • Supports healthy liver detoxification in those who are feeling sluggish, overburdened or cannot detoxify properly
  • Supports the resolution of acne and other skin issues
  • Assists hormone balance by supporting pathways involved in hormone excretion
  • Supports the smooth flow of bile for optimal fat digestion
  • Aids in detoxification of environmental toxins
  • Supports a healthy response to stress by lessening anger and frustration

The health benefits of Mood Juice are:

  • Supports a stable, balanced mood and positive outlook
  • Assists in cultivating a feeling of well-being and happiness
  • Seasonal mood support as the days get shorter
  • Calms and nourishes the nervous system so that you stay balanced through life’s difficult moments
  • Great for postpartum moms (although cannot be used while breastfeeding)
  • Promotes neurotransmitter health
  • Brings sunshine to the dark days

*Please, always consult your medical provider when considering a serious detox.

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