How Your Vibration Contributes to Your Health

I like your vibe 😉

We carry a vibration, everything does, and we can feel when that vibration shifts in our own bodies when we feel “down” or when we feel hopeful, for example.

Depending on the decisions we make every day (what we eat, what we think, what we choose to focus on), our vibration can be high or low. The vibration we carry at any given time attracts things that are of that same vibration-that could be people, jobs, opportunities, unfortunate circumstances or illness and disease. Think about how you are feeling in this moment. Are you feeling frustrated, worried, hopeless? Are you feeling hopeful, happy, and productive? I know that I have had my fair share of fearful and anxious moments over the last 6 months. And, while having those feelings are a normal process and we expect ups and downs (sometimes on the daily), staying in that fearful anxious state will only keep me at that fearful anxious vibration, make sense?

As this pertains to your health, low vibration invites and creates illness and disease within the mind and body.  We are approaching the cold and flu season (ontop of a global pandemic) and creating a healthy environment in our bodies-minds-spirits is one way to prevent illness. So, what can you even do about it?


Notice how you are feeling, check in with yourself. Are the thoughts you are thinking optimistic? If not, interrupt them and redirect them to something more uplifting. I use essential oils for this. When I notice a negative thought, I pull out my fave oil (or whatever is in an arms reach), open the bottle and breath it all in. As soon as this fragrance hits the limbic system (in seconds) my thoughts are interrupted and I can redirect them to a more positive, grateful thought.

Are the foods you’re eating fresh, whole foods? Foods carry a vibration as well and what you put into your body will contribute to your vibration. Even better than just whole foods? Foods that are grown near your home. The closer a food grows to your proximity, the more life force it has to offer you. When we eat foods from a grocery store, that piece of food has had a long journey to you, thus losing some of its life force or prana. But, no one is being picky here, just merely offering bonus points lol.

What information are your consuming? Does it create anxiety and fear for you? Turn the TV off, put the book down. Whatever it is that is causing angst is not worth your health. I had to do this myself. I noticed that when I was watching the news or scrolling on facebook, I would tense up and my mood would shift. I just simply can’t spare any of my energy on feeling anxious anymore.

There are so many ways to raise your vibration (plant medicine, meditation, walking barefoot, etc.) but these are some basics you can start doing now. There’s no better time than now to start feeling better, right? Let’s raise our vibe as a collective, deal?

In good health,

Plant medicine is my vibe…in case you haven’t noticed ;D. And, speaking of raising my vibe, adding adaptogens into my routine has certainly contributed to my well being. every morning, I enjoy a warm cup of Rasa with a little coconut collagen creamer-it’s seriously so dreamy and I anticipate it every day. If you want to check it out yourself and get a pretty darn good discount, go to and use code NIKKI at checkout 🙂

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