Vata Season-How to Stay Grounded

Welcome to Vata season!

Yes, but what does that mean LOL (I can hear my husband say this as I am welcoming in the Ayurvedic season). And, while Ayurveda is super important to me and a topic that I will most definitely go into depth in the future, I bring all of this Vata stuff up to say that if you are feeling anxious, or you feel like your head is in the clouds, it’s not you, its Vata.

Just a quick note on what Vata even is, in Ayurvedic medicine (the oldest and most ancient medicine), there are three body/mind types (doshas) that we all have. They can be a combo of the three doshas (kapha, vata, pitta) or you can have all three equally. I, for instance, am a kapha/vata. Which means that I have both earth and air elements within me and that certain foods, habits, and emotions influence those elements. Doshas not only rule our minds and bodies, they also rule the seasons, our dreams, the foods we eat etc. When you think of Vata, think of air, ether or wind. When you have a vata imbalance (or you are smack dab in the middle of Vata season) you can see things like anxiety, insomnia, bloating, constipation, dry skin, etc. coming up for you.

Imagine a strong wind blowing through your mind and your thoughts, feelings, and emotions are the leaves that are being blown around. In order to get those leaves (thoughts) from being erratic, you need to slow the wind and get grounded or take cover. By taking cover or getting grounded, we are counter acting the feeling of being blown in the wind, make sense?

Okay, so now that we know that, what can we do about it? The best way to balance Vata is to get grounded-bring that air down to a more manageable space.

You do this by:

-eating root vegetables

-walking on the earth barefoot

-using essential oils from trees (Siberian fir, Douglas fir, doTERRA Balance) and bonus if you put the oil on the bottoms of your feet

-body oil with herbs such as sesame oil, olive oil, ashwagandha, bala, passion flower (I buy mine from Banyan Botanicals)

-spending time in meditation

You also do this by:

-turning off the news if it makes you anxious

-reducing caffeine if you are willing to

-shutting off electronics an hour before bed

I have to be incredibly intentional about Vata season because I tend to be out of balance most of the year. Having a healthy mind is a good thing in any case but it is especially good when entering the busy holiday season and the anxiety that that can bring (hello, did I mention a global pandemic and an election year??). I have an amazingly beautiful friend that is offering a week long webinar series starting October 19 and runs through the 23rd. She created this series to help you reconnect with your heart, your wellness, and your intuition and to have a deeper connection with yourself. I can’t think of a better time to do just that. Let’s get our minds centered, our bodies grounded and our doshas balanced :). The webinar is FREE and so valuable and I think you will love it. Click here to register

In good health,

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