Essential Oils

You may have noticed that I am having a total love affair with dōTERRA essential oils. Here’s how this love story began; I would consider myself, pre-dōTERRA days, a casual essential oil user. I would spray my pillow with some lavender infused spray I got in my Christmas stocking and I would put a few drops of eucalyptus in the shower to open up my lungs, and you get the idea right? Well true romance began to develop when my boss at the hospital asked me to initiate a program to incorporate essential oils into our everyday care (I am a Registered Nurse). I knew that I had to find an oil that was pure and safe enough to use in the hospital, and so the research began. I looked into several different companies and none of them seemed to have the science and research backing them up to medical standards. You see, any essential oil can claim that it is pure… and there may actually be some pure oil in that bottle…but most likely it is a tiny amount of pure oil and the rest is chemical fillers and synthetics! I knew this wouldn’t do, and so the journey to find the best continued.

At last I ran into dōTERRA! When I began researching these oils I was blown away with how much research and testing the company does to ensure that their product is as it claims: 100% PURE. They source their product from the region, climate, and environment that the products best thrive in. They test, re-test, and third-party test these darn oils just to make sure that they are offering the most therapeutic oils around. No other oil on the planet can claim that they are 100% Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade®

This love affair that dōTERRA and I have got going is blooming into a very nice relationship! So nice, in fact, that I am doing my dissertation for my doctorate in nursing practice on the use of dōTERRA peppermint oil as a treatment for nausea in postoperative patients! Listen friends, I’m not just blowing smoke when I say that these little bottles of heaven will change your life. I use them in every aspect of my life; cooking, cleaning, as medicine, to relieve stress, promote sleep, for my dogs, even to brush my teeth! If you aren’t already obsessed with dōTERRA then we have to get you going on your very own love affair. Who knows, it may just turn into a very beautiful, life-long relationship :).

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If you have ANY questions at all about this product, company, or whatever, please don’t be afraid to ask! If you are too shy to leave a comment, you can shoot me an email at

In good health (with a little help from Oils), nikki

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