Diffuser Care

I have 6 in my house right now. 3 of them are within feet of each other (forehead smack emoji right here). I sincerely feel that having a (or 6) diffusers in your living space is the one of the best things you can do for your family. You see, diffusing is arguably the most … Continue reading Diffuser Care

Camping is fun?

I'm not totally convinced. I mean, I grew up in the mountains. Well, in a valley surrounded by mountains, and camping was a large part of the culture. I had cousins that would camp frequently and would pack up for the weekend in Island park or at American Falls Reservoir. But our family didn't camp … Continue reading Camping is fun?

GLO Glam-tastic!

In honor of GLOvember, I wanted to share with you the things in my life that make me GLO. For the rest of the month I will be sharing my favorite places, spaces, and products that promote a life of great health and positive well-being! Welcome to my “medicine” cabinet! My cabinets are filled with … Continue reading GLO Glam-tastic!