How Spirituality Relates to Our Health

Spirituality is intimately related to health, wholeness, and well-being-Frederic C. Craigie, Jr., PhD The spirituality-wellness connection is fascinating. There is a clear connection between one’s spiritual well-being and their physical and mental well-being. Duh, right? Because we are not just one part, we are all three. But, it’s not that simple to comprehend in our … Continue reading How Spirituality Relates to Our Health

Diffuser Care

I have 6 in my house right now. 3 of them are within feet of each other (forehead smack emoji right here). I sincerely feel that having a (or 6) diffusers in your living space is the one of the best things you can do for your family. You see, diffusing is arguably the most … Continue reading Diffuser Care