More Maca Please!

Maca Ever heard of Maca? Me either until just a little while ago…This powerhouse root from the high altitudes of Bolivia and Peru is packed with a powerful health punch. This simple little powder is what is called an adaptogen…ADAPTOGEN: strengthens the body nutritionally so it has the ability to adapt to stress on a physical, emotional and mental level, without depleting your reserves. Maca nourishes and balances the body’s delicate endocrine system, balances hormones (no more mood swings!), increases libido in both men and women (the men will love this one lol) and helps the body cope with stress (Aaahhhhh no more stress:)). It also energizes naturally, without the jitters and crashes of caffeine, and it can aid in reproductive function, helping to increase fertility. Maca has also been called the Peruvian Viagra!

The Incan warriors used Maca to increase stamina, boost libido and combat fatigue. Those Inca’s were some smart people!

Add Maca to your smoothies, cookies and any kind of sweet treat! The taste is  not very strong and is very well hidden when added to a recipe. I add this super food to my smoothies and I have fallen in love with Maca balls (more on that a little later). There is a synergistic effect (when things combined work well and compliment each other) when Maca is combined with cacao (raw chocolate) so all you chocolate lovers out there it’s time to rejoice!! Cacao is the richest antioxidant on the planet so combing these two nutrient rich ingredients makes for a guaranteed superfood!

Ideas for adding Maca to your life!

  • Cacao and Maca smoothie with banana and almond milk
  • Hot Cacao and Maca (better version of a hot cocoa) with a little stevia and cinnamon
  • Cacao and Maca 3 ingredient cookies (guess that would make it 5 ingredient cookies :)) *see earlier post for recipe!
  • Maca Balls! Agave nectar, cacao, Maca, coconut oil, cacao butter, vanilla bean and Himalayan pink salt all rolled into a ball-SOOO delicious! For those of you in the So Cal area check out Melinda’s Maca balls at Mother’s Market and Nectar Juice Bar. for those of you that aren’t in Cali.

I found my Maca at Whole foods and Mother’s Market but you can also buy it online. So get busy and get your Maca on!

-Peace & Maca balls, nikki

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