Mind Body Soul Gift Giving Guide

Every year during Holiday season I say the same thing, “I’m going to take it easy this year, not join the shopping rat race, and enjoy the season” …and every year, I forget that I said that LOL.

This year at least (and living in California with another semi lockdown), getting out to go shopping has come to a halt. That doesn’t mean I haven’t enjoyed a hardcore shopping adventure on my couch, in my sweats, with a nice glass of red. This, you know, is my fave way to get down this year (and maybe forever):). 

To make things a bit easier for you, I put together a list of sustainable, health conscious, spiritually driven gifts for that person in your life (you know who they are…maybe it’s you??). All of these products are my personal faves and apply to either the mind, body, or soul (or all 3!). I truly use them on the daily and would only recommend things that I adore, things that are good for you, and that will support your well being. I hope you enjoy the list, everything is clickable to make it super duper easy for you to click and shop…Enjoy!

Mind Body Soul Gift Giving Guide

For the Mom, the Busy One, and the Aspiring Herbalist

Wooden Spoon Herbs

I cannot stress this enough, the Commune Collection literally saved my life! I was in mom-life-work-world news fatigue and these gems pulled me out of the trenches. Each bottle contains herbs or mushrooms, or flowers to support my adrenals, my body, and my soul. The plant magic in this stuff is for real. 

Since discovering the Commune Collection, I have also dabbled with Anxiety Alley, Migraine Relief, Elderberry Syrup, Mushroom Cacao, and Golden Cacao. You seriously can’t go wrong with anything from here! P.S. This is the number one recommended product for the Women and Mom’s I see in my clinic-for real! Get your plant magic here. Use Code NIKKI10 at check out!

For the Fun Environmentalist

Pela Case

Creators of the world’s first fully compostable phone case, Pela is on a mission to eliminate plastic waste one product at a time. Rather than needing to be tossed in a landfill at the end of their useful lives, our phone cases can be dropped in a compost bin where they will decompose in a few short months! My phone is currently rocking a freaking cute golden bee case and I am loving all of their moon, spirit vibes cases. They are easy to take on and off to wash them and I have a few different designs (I couldn’t pick!) so when I am washing one, I have another to replace it.

Their cases are soft to the touch and will slide in and out of your pocket but not out of your hand. Use code HOLIDAYLOVE15 for 15% off your order through December 15! Get yours here.

For the Soul Seeker

Take a Deep Breath-An Interactive Wellness Journal

Journey means a passage or progress from one stage to another. Take a Deep Breath is your personal journey to wellness. This journey is for you if you want to cultivate a deeper, more rich, complete relationship with your life. You will begin by breathing in. Focusing your attention on your foundation, your life-force. Then, you will pause in the space between to reflect and integrate what you’ve learned about yourself.Finally, is the exhale and shine your light and breath into the world. 

Choosing yourself is the first step. 

I mean, who doesn’t need that?!?! If 2020 wasn’t a huge year of reflection for you, let 2021 be that year for you. We legit only have this moment in time to be who we were meant to be. Going inward is the only way to figure out who and what that looks like for you. Take the time to get clear with that, you are so worth it. This makes a great gift for your maturing daughter, friend, team member. Get the Journal here. Use code HOLIDAY for $10 off!

For the Tired Momma


I just have a thing for plant medicine. On my journey to nourish and support my adrenal glands, I landed on Rasa (thank goodness). Adaptogens are life. This delicious warming drink in the morning is the perfect addition to my mug and to waking me up in the morning. Rasa formula is packed with great-tasting herbs that provide lasting energy, nourishing your adrenals rather than taxing them.

You can enjoy Rasa on its own, or try one of their amazing blends–Cacao Rasa or Dirty Rasa, which has a little coffee in it…because we know that’s what you were going to do anyways! 😉 Cacao Rasa is my fave and I love adding a little oatmilk to my drink and voila, I have a delicious treat in the morning. Enjoy your cup of Rasa here and pick one up for a friend as well!

For the Health Conscious Kiddo

Organic Olivia

Tinctures make my world go ‘round. If you could take a peak into my cupboard you might see 456,765 little glass bottles full of herbs, plants, oils, and such. They just do so much for my soul. But, I particularly love Organic Olivia for their kids line. Their Mighty Minerals has upped my kiddos vitamin routine in a huge way. This tincture is specifically formulated for the picky eater-ummm, hello,  I’d like to order 100 bottles please?! My daughter legit only eats Cuban style back beans from a can, pb&J’s and mac n cheese. I mean, who is she even? Between her Juice plus gummies and her Mighty Minerals though, I feel pretty confident that she is getting her micro and macro nutrients. The kids line also includes tinctures for tummy support, ear health, focus, and calming big emotions. And, I’m happy to report that soon I’ll be carrying these gems in my clinic! Get yours here.

For the Boss Babe

Sanctuary: Weekly Coaching Collective

This one right here is for the boss babe, the upleveler and for the goal-oriented women in your life. Being a part of a community as a woman is imperative. Having the support of others as you navigate your life, your self and your self discovery is legit the only way to go. You know how when you have a thought that might seem or feel  a little crazy and you don’t know anyone to discuss it with without the risk of being judged? Ya, this happens to me all the time. However! I have a handful of women that support me and never judge me. I can’t tell you how precious it feels to have that! This is one of the things that this group and coaching with be for you.

 At Sanctuary, you will dive into natural cycles (and how to align with them), sustainable lifestyle practices, patterns of disconnect, internal & external obstacles of self-awareness, and honor group and self-revelations. Inside the Sanctuary meetings, Summer will answer questions, offer healthwork so that you can integrate new ideas and practices into your life, as well as give hot-seat coaching- for even more individual attention.

What an amazing gift! Right now, there is a Holiday offer: Give one/ Get one $2500 or $500 for 6 payments

You can also workout split payment plans if 2 people want to go in together. Do it!!!! Its so worth it.

For the Goddess

Rose Gold Goddesses

Imagine this, you are in a room with like minded women who are beginning to value their worth, their bodies, and embody all that being a woman is. Imagine that you had a built in tribe to go on a self discovery with. This is what Rose Gold Goddesses is for me. I joined this circle of Women over a year ago and I’ll probably be a lifer. Every month we gather to discuss a new Goddess or archetype that we can embody and call upon on as we dive deep into what being a woman is truly about. If you are ready to embody your inner Goddess or know someone who is, Join here!

Still Undecided on a gift idea?

Shop all my faves here. P.S. There is a Chakra book in the shop that I have my eye on…check it out!

Happy Holidays to ALL of You, thank you for spending a few minutes out of your day with me a few times a month, I am truly grateful that I have this space to connect with all of you. Follow me along on Instagram where I have even more content coming though. :):)

In good health,

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