Berry Youthful!

berries2So my dad keeps asking me to write a post about old people…ummm…I think what he means is he is wanting information about the aging process (?)…so here we go dad, this one’s for you🙂

Age ain’t nothing but a number right?? Well, although that may have worked for the late-great Aaliyah, if you’re not taking care of yourself then age could be more like illness and aches and pains and all that bad stuff that is associated with aging! The good news? There are some steps that we can all take if we are interested in slowing the aging process.

So here’s the down low on the aging process: most of our aging comes from oxidation in the body. Picture an apple. If you cut an apple and let it sit on the counter what happens? The inside of the apple is exposed to air and it becomes brown right? Well that is exactly what happens inside our body because of oxidation. Oxidation is made up of free radicals. These guys wreak havoc on our system and cause our bodies to become worn out, also known as aging.

Let’s talk free radicals. Bear with me, I’m going to take you back to biology 101 for a second lol. Free radicals are unstable molecules with one or more unpaired electrons. Now, these unpaired electrons roam around searching for another electron to grab onto to stabilize themselves. This process creates a cascade of more unpaired electrons causing an increase of free radicals, hence causing tissue and cell damage. These little buggers show no mercy on our system! Free radicals can come from natural processes that occur inside of us (intrinsic) or they can come from external sources (extrinsic). Intrinsic sources include the natural process of breathing, our metabolism, stress, exercise, inflammation and illness. Extrinsic sources can include sun exposure, pollution, poor diet, alcohol, and cigarette smoke. Fun fact for the day: Just one puff on a cigarette creates 1 quadrillion free radicals in your body! Yes you read that correctly-JUST ONE PUFF! Imagine what a whole cigarette is doing to you! So how do we win the war on free radical terror you ask? Simple. Antioxidants.

Remember the apple we cut and left on the counter to brown? Well what would have happened if we would have squeezed some lemon on the apple before we let it sit out? It would have stayed nice and healthy looking for much, much longer. This is what antioxidants will do for our bodies! So where do we get antioxidants from? We get them from intrinsic sources and extrinsic sources. Internally we create antioxidants from organs like the liver. Externally we get them from food! Yummmm I love food🙂. Probably the most common foods associated with antioxidants would be berries but they also come from other fruits, resveratrol (the antioxidant in red wine and grapes), milk thistle, turmeric, and the list goes on and on. Usually the deeper color the food the higher in antioxidants (eggplant, tomatoes, etc.). You can also get them from supplements like doTerra’s Life Long Vitality Pack. I take these supplements and I love them!

So how about that! You get to eat more of the delicious foods you already love and combat aging! If slowing the aging process is your cup of tea (or red wine;)) then just make a conscience effort to add more of these foods to your diet. Try cutting back on smoking and (too much) alcohol intake and find a hobby that helps keep the stress to a minimum. None of this sounds too hard right? No! Now go get some fruit and stop stressing out!

Peace & Berries, nikki

P.S. If you are interested in learning more about the doTerra supplements, message me and I’ll help you get started!

P.S.S. Hope this helps dad!

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