5 Ways to Practice Gratitude

It kind of feels like a cliché but ’tis the season, right?

I’ve written about the monkey in my head before and I usually refer to this monkey in a negative way-with bad self talk and overwhelming thoughts which leads to momXiety and the inability to move foreward. And while this bad little monkey still holds space in my mind, he/she is growing more quiet over the years. It isn’t because he’s not present, it’s that I have trained my mind to be stronger than it’s presence. Affirmations, retraining my thoughts are a few of the tools I use to quiet the monkey but the overwhelming front runner of the quieting of him/her is with gratitude.

It wasn’t an over night thing either. This has been years of learning how to draw strength from the gratitude of the moment, whatever it is. There is always a silver lining-always-even when you cannot even imagine what that sliver lining is. I’ve had good teachers who have taught me some valuable lessons about this. Eckhart Tole taught me to accept this moment as if I had chosen it. Because if you think about it, every decision you have made and action you have taken has led to this exact moment. Isn’t that crazy? Every decision you have ever made in your life has lead you to reading this blog right now. That is nuts!

My other teacher, Marie Forleo, taught me that Everything Is Figuroutable. Even that thing you believe cannot be figured out, can. In those moments of overwhelm, this saying plays on a loop in my head. I must say this about 7,000 times a day.

And then there is Abraham. She taught me that Things Are Always Working Out For Me. That things are happening for me, not to me. I am being guided by a force that understands the greater picture for my life and that when things don’t go as I wish, it is for my benefit in the long run.

At the core of all of these lessons is a vein of gratitude, faith, and surrender. Giving thanks for everything; the air I breathe, the trees, the stars, the hard times, the good times, all help me to quiet the monkey, appreciate life and live from a place of joy, calm, and serenity, rather than worry, negativities and what if’s. How we see the world is our choice. Let me say that again, how we see the world is our choice. We get to decide if we think that bad things happen to us OR we get to decide if those bad things are happening for a greater good. Shitty things happen but having a perspective of gratitude for the position you are in, lightens the load just a bit.

I had someone ask me the other day, “How are you so positive? How did you do it?”. The answer, I retrained my brain. That’s it. With thoughts of gratitude I created new neuro pathways in my brain that have me floating on a cloud of positivity. True story. I just had to throw a big middle finger to the negative thoughts and clear the roads for the good ones. And here’s how I did just that…

5 ways to Practice Gratitude

  1. Don’t listen to yourself, talk to yourself. Instead of listening to the craziness that goes on in your brain (I can’t do this, I’m not good at this, What is wrong with me?), talk to yourself (I am amazing, I can totally do this, I am a badass). When things get hard-I am grateful for this moment, thank you for the air in my lungs, I am grateful for whatever good this leads to. For when things are good- I am so grateful for this moment! I am grateful for my health, for this moment in time. Get it? be in control and start talking to yourself.
  2. Grab your dōTERRA Spikenard Oil. Spikenard is the oil of, you guessed it, Gratitude. It encourages true appreciation for life. It addresses patterns of ingratitude, where individuals see themselves as targets of bad luck or victims of their life circumstances. Spikenard encourages the soul to surrender and accept life exactly as it is. It invites individuals to let go and find appreciation for all of life’s experiences. When you catch yourself feeling ungrateful, grab your spikenard bottle, open the lid and take some sweet inhales of this special oil. Create new neuro pathways with each breath. A little history on Spikenard, this was the oil that Mary Magdelene anointed Jesus’s feet with. If that’s not special, I don’t know what is.
  3. Write that shizzz down. Journaling or writing down your thoughts uncovers parts of yourself that you may not be familiar with. There is something about putting your thoughts in a physical form that creates more healing and awareness. Try writing down one thing that you are grateful for and then five reasons you are grateful for that one thing.
  4. Stop comparing yourself. When we are constantly looking at what others have, we are being ungrateful for what we have. We are all in different places in our journey and comparing your beginning to someones end is not helpful (and can even be damaging). Be grateful for your journey, where you are on that journey, and let other’s go on their merry way.
  5. Recognize that we are all one. We are all just a bunch of energy and elements floating around on this earth. We came from the same place, we are made of the same things, and we are all on this crazy ride together. Remembering this helps me to see people as they truly are. We are all here doing our best at this life and some people have the tools to go through it easier than others. The soul in me recognizes the soul in you-Namaste :).

These things help me and I hope they will help you too. In all things give thanks- with an emphasis on ALL 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving, I am grateful for you:)

In good health,

Some of the things I am grateful for…

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