The H2O show!

water Most of you have heard that your body is composed of about 70% water but did you know that your brain is roughly 80% water? Guess that explains why around 4pm everyday I feel a little foggy….my brain needs water! Ideally, we should be consuming half our body weight in ounces of pure water each day. Water provides our body with a flush of hydration to our thirsty cells and helps nutrients to flow in and to flush the bad stuff out. Get that bad stuff out!!!

Don’t be fooled by products like “vitamin water” and soda (or pop if you live in Idaho;)), coffee, tea and “fruit juice”. None of this stuff provides the hydration that water can and in most cases, these other drinks can actually leech water and minerals from your body. Instead, try to add some flavor to your water by adding a slice of orange and a sprig mint. I love cucumbers and citrus fruit in my water, soooo refreshing. When you can help it, drink purified water so that you aren’t ingesting the chemicals used to clean tap water.

Get creative and come up with your favorite additions and drink your water, your body will thank you!

-Peace & H2O, nikki

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